Youth Services

Growing up in today's fast-paced society can present challenges for our young people. Children dealing with issues at home or school may experience emotional or behavioral problems, as well as addictions. Community's Behavioral Care team provides expertise to support these mental health disorders. We care for children from age 5-18, with individualized treatment plans that include individual, group or family therapy through inpatient and outpatient care.

Find Locations for Behavioral Care


The Behavioral Health Pavilion, located on the Community Hospital North campus, is a full-service inpatient behavioral health hospital. This level of care is for those who need intensive supervision and treatment in dealing with a crisis or exacerbation of mental illness symptoms. Led by a psychiatrist, our staff works to coordinate an individualized treatment plan for each child.

There are three separate units within the hospital dedicated to pediatric patients - a children's unit for ages 5-10, a pre-adolescent unit for ages 10-14 and an adolescent unit serving ages 14-18.

Partial Hospitalization/Intensive Outpatient

As an alternative or follow-up to inpatient services, Community also offers a partial hospitalization/intensive outpatient therapy program that includes daily therapy throughout the week. Youth Day Treatment provides therapy to children age 12-18. This program may allow children to work through their mental health issues while remaining in their normal environment of home and school.


Youth outpatient services are available at all of our behavioral care clinics located in Marion, Hancock, Shelby, Madison and Howard Counties. The programs offer individual, group or family therapy for issues like depression, anxiety, stress and anger management, substance abuse or attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Led by psychiatrists, the care is provided by a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, advanced practice nurses, licensed clinical social workers, therapists and counselors.

School Programs

Community's outpatient program collaborates with local schools to deliver treatment in a non-traditional mental health setting. The school-based program enables families to access services within their child's school, involving the student's teachers, administrators and counselors. This can improve the relationship between students and staff, as well as provide convenient access for students with transportation barriers or other obstacles that might otherwise prevent them from receiving care. This program can also incorporate home-based visits, as appropriate.

School-based counselors are onsite in more than 100 Indianapolis Public Schools and the Metropolitan School Districts of Eastern Hancock County, Hamilton Southeastern, Lawrence, Mt. Vernon, Warren and Washington Townships.

Ultimately, our goal is to assist children and families with learning, improving interpersonal skills and strengthening relationships, as well as becoming productive community members.