Ultrasound applications include vascular, obstetric, abdominal/pelvic, testicular/scrotum and ultrasound guided interventional procedures to diagnose liver, gallbladder, kidneys, thyroid, pelvic area, obstetrical diagnosis or abdominal conditions.

Shear Wave Elastography

Shear wave elastography is a new ultrasound technology offered at Community Imaging Centers North and East. Elastography is used to investigate diseases in many bodily organs, as well as monitor disease progression and response to treatment.

At Community Imaging Centers, we offer shear wave elastography to help detect and manage damage in the liver due to liver fibrosis, a condition caused by chronic liver diseases. It is a non-invasive, safer and less painful alternative to liver biopsy. The technique measures liver stiffness (elasticity of the liver tissue) to help stage the fibrosis and watch the liver's response to treatment.

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For Patients

Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves and turns them into a picture that a physician can use to evaluate and diagnose.

Having a diagnostic ultrasound procedure is generally painless.

You may be asked to put on a robe that will be provided to you by our center.

This test generally takes between 20 and 60 minutes.

A radiologist will read and interpret the results of your scan and send a report to your physician. Your physician will share the results with you in a few days.

Some ultrasounds require special preparation before the exam; please check with our center the day before your exam for instructions.