Spinal Cord Injury

Community Rehabilitation Hospitals offer a specialized treatment team for individuals who have spinal cord injuries. This expert team includes a board certified physiatrist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, rehab nurse, psychologist, case manager and recreational therapist. When necessary, respiratory therapists, speech therapists and other treatment professionals may also be involved.

Our goal is to maximize function and mobility while preventing complications. A treatment plan, established and agreed upon by the treatment team, patient and family will be in place within seven days of admission. During the rehabilitation stay, we educate our patients about all aspects of their injury and care so that they can return home as independent and productive as possible. Patients will participate in individual and group therapy sessions on the unit, within the hospital and in the community, as appropriate to meet the individual's goals.

The interdisciplinary team meets every week to update goals, adjust treatment plans and notify the payor of progress. Families are updated on an ongoing basis by the case manager.

Spinal Cord Support Group

In an effort to provide ongoing support to our patients with spinal cord injuries, Community Rehab Hospital North hosts a monthly spinal cord support group.

When: First Thursday of each month from 5:30 to 7 p.m.
Where: Community Rehab Hospital North, First Floor Day Room
RSVP: Prior to attending, please contact Matthew Ernest at mernest@chrehabnorth.com or 317-585-5426.