CPAP/Sleep Apnea Services

CPAP Questions or Concerns?

Our respiratory therapists are available to discuss any equipment or supply questions you may have.

For more information on CPAP services, or to order CPAP supplies or parts, contact us at 317-621-4800 or 800-404-4852 (toll-free).

For more information about sleep wake services at Community Health Network, visit

CPAP Parts Supply Reorder Schedule

Supply item Replacement eligibility*
Chinstrap 1 per 6 months
Full face mask interface 1 per 1 month
Filter - disposable 2 per 1 month
Filter - non-disposable 1 per 6 months
Full face mask 1 per 3 months
Headgear 1 per 6 months
Nasal cushions 2 per 1 month
Nasal mask 1 per 3 months
Pillows - nasal cannula type interface 2 per 1 month
Tubing 1 per 3 months
Water chamber 1 per 6 months

*Based on Medicare criteria; some insurance policies may vary.