Resistant Hypertension Clinic

Appointments by Referral

Patients may visit the Resistant Hypertension Clinic by referral only. If you would like an appointment, please ask your doctor to schedule for you. Please call 317-621-8500 for appointments or referrals.

Because hypertension is a common, but heterogeneous and sometimes complex condition, the American Society of Hypertension has certified physicians as ASH hypertension specialists. Hypertension specialists have a proven track record of controlling blood pressure in “resistant hypertensive” patients, the general population whom they serve, and educating other physicians to help them achieve improved blood pressure control rates among their patient populations. Dr. Jennifer Sams at the Hypertension Clinic has received this certification. Dr. Sams can work with your primary care physician to tailor a treatment plan for you.

Who can be Referred?

Patients may be referred if:

  • A patient’s blood pressure is not at goal (140/90) after three or more hypertension medications and all medications are titrated to a therapeutic level, or
  • Secondary hypertension is suspected.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Davel, certified resistant hypertension doctorDr. Jennifer Davel, board-certified cardiologist, attended Duke University School of Medicine and completed her residency and fellowship at the Indiana University School of Medicine. She joined the Community Physician Network Heart and Vascular team in July 2009 and continues to see patients in the cardiology practice.

Dr. Davel is designated as an ASH specialist in clinical hypertension by the American Society of Hypertension Specialist Program Board.

She is available by appointment for patients who may require consultation for resistant and complex hypertension.