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Cardio-Oncology Clinic

Community Health Network is the first provider in Indiana to offer a multi-disciplinary Cardio-Oncology Clinic, a personalized heart care destination for cancer patients. The goal of the clinic is to help patients complete their cancer treatment while mitigating the impact on the heart. Here, we focus on early detection and treatment of potential cardio-toxicity from cancer therapy and aggressive cardiovascular risk factor reduction throughout a patient’s cancer journey. Cardio-Oncology Clinics are located at our Community Hospital North, South and East campuses.

What Is Cardio-Oncology?

Cardio-oncology is an emerging and distinct subspecialty that provides a multidisciplinary, integrative approach to the prevention, early detection and management of cardiovascular disease in cancer patients throughout their cancer treatment and survivorship. It is a collaboration between cardiologist, oncologist and radiation oncologist.

Benefits of Cardio-Oncology Clinic

  • Early detection of cardiovascular risk factors and treatment during all phases of cancer treatment and survivorship.
  • Early administration of cardio-protective agents to minimize heart damage during cancer treatment.
  • Collaboration with oncology providers to allow lifesaving cancer therapy.

Services Provided

  • Cardiovascular risk assessment prior to cancer treatment.
  • Care of cancer patients with existing cardiovascular disease.
  • Management of cardiovascular complications during cancer treatment.
  • Aggressive risk factor modification in cancer survivors.
  • Various testing and monitoring for cardio-toxicity including stress testing, echocardiograms and cardiac MRI.
  • Referral to cardiology subspecialties as indicated.

In the video below, Dr. Rey Vivo and Dr. Sumeet Bhatia discuss how the Cardio-Oncology Clinic benefits cancer patients at higher risk for heart conditions.

Meet the Team

Rey Vivo, MD
Board-Certified Cardiologist

Rey Vivo, MD
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Nadine Henning, ANP-BC
Cardio-Oncology Nurse Practitioner

Nadine Henning, ANP-BC

Medical and Radiation Oncology Providers


To schedule an appointment, please call the Connect to Care line at 317-621-2727 and refer to "Cardio-Oncology Clinic."

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