Visible Veins

Say Good-Bye to Visible Veins!

Say good-bye to visible veins for an active lifestyleVaricose veins are the most common visible veins and affect more than 40 million Americans. Do you have veins that are dark purple or blue? Or veins that are prominent and not smooth on your legs? Do your legs ache or do you have pain?

Our recognized board-certified vascular physicians are experts in minimally-invasive treatment for varicose and spider veins. We provide patients with the most advanced treatment options available so they quickly return to enjoying their daily activities comfortably.

Call us today for a visible vein consultation and learn just how easy and simple saying good-bye to visible veins can be. Treatment options are affordable and covered by most insurance companies.

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In a Vascular Patient's Words...

Anita Johnson has pain free legs thanks to the vascular surgeons at Community“I suffered from leg pain for 14 years. My condition started after my first pregnancy and got worse over the years, affecting my life in many ways. I’ve tried other vein clinics but never really got that far. Upon visiting Community Heart and Vascular Hospital, I had a renewed hope. I met with Dr. Jacob who was thorough and suggested an ultrasound. He explained why we needed to fix my vascular condition and the benefits of it for my long-term health. He treated me with compassion, as if I were the only patient. My legs had a lot of raised purple, red and blue veins. I was very self-conscious, never able to wear shorts and always dealing with the pain. I have a better quality of life now. Today, I am pain free and this summer I look forward to wearing shorts!”—Anita Johnson, patient