Heart Scan

A heart scan is a brief CT scan that allows the measurement of calcium in the lining of the coronary arteries. Larger amounts of calcium signal greater presence of plaque overall, which can help predict the likelihood of a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack.

Are You Eligible for a Heart Scan?

If you are a male 40 years or older or a female 50 years or older and have high blood pressure, are diabetic, obese, have high or borderline cholesterol, are a smoker, and/or have a family history of heart disease – then you may be a qualified candidate for a heart scan.

We do NOT recommend a heart scan if you have known heart disease, heart stents, are under the care of a cardiologist or do not meet the age requirements. Men under 40 and women under 50 years can develop coronary artery disease, however, this plaque is almost always non-calcified and cannot be detected with this screening.

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The cost for a heart scan is $49 and is not billed through insurance. Please call for questions.

Exam Process

The heart scan takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. The exam is performed using a 64 multi-slice scanner that is gated for low radiation exposure. Three EKG pads will be placed on your chest and will not require the removal of clothing. The heart scan is a non-invasive procedure and completely painless. The screening is comfortable and you get the results fast.


You may receive a copy of the initial report at the time of your screening. The radiologist will interpret your scan and the final report will be mailed to you. If your physician is a part of Community Health Network, they will be able to view the results in your medical records. Ultimately, however, it is your responsibility to follow up with any findings and further care based on the results. If you have questions after your scan, please contact your primary care physician.

This test helped save my life.

Don - heart scan patient

At age 69, I was fit and active, spending time with my grandchildren and enjoying time outdoors. There were no indications that my heart was in trouble. However, I wanted this screening to measure the calcium build-up in my arteries, just to make sure. As it turns out, I wasn’t as healthy as I thought and this test helped save my life. —Donald Sauers, heart scan patient

Locations and Scheduling

New! Online scheduling now available for Community Heart and Vascular Hospital, Community Hospital South and Community Howard locations! Use the scheduling tool above on this page. For appointments at Anderson, please call 765-298-2778 to schedule.

Heart scans are available at Community Heart and Vascular Hospital, Community Hospital South, Community Hospital Anderson and Community Howard Regional Health in Kokomo.

  • Heart Hospital and Community South: For scheduling questions or to schedule by phone call 317-355-4680.
  • Community Anderson: To schedule an appointment call 765-298-2778.
  • Community Howard (Kokomo): To schedule an appointment call 765-776-8929.
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