Heart Failure Support Group

If you or a loved one are diagnosed with heart failure or have a left ventricular assist device, you are invited to join us each month for this support group. The group is led by our outpatient nutritionist, Lisa Mahan Welch, DT. Each meeting will feature an expert on such topics as exercise, diet, financial planning, medications, depression and much more. It is our belief that the support of others and ongoing education contributes to longevity and healthy living.

2021 Meetings

Due to COVID concerns, our support groups are canceled until further notice. Your health and well-being are always our utmost priority. We will update this page when our meetings are able to resume. We can't wait to get back to seeing your smiling faces and learning all we can about this journey with heart failure!

Contact Us

In the meantime, know that you are not alone with your heart failure diagnosis. Always feel free to contact your provider with any questions and call me, Lisa Welch DT, with nutrition-related concerns. We are still here to care and to provide care.

Lisa Welch, DT
Outpatient nutritionist, Community Heart and Vascular Hospital
Phone: 317-621-8667