Emergency room entrance at Community Howard Regional Health

Emergency Medicine

Our state-of-the-art emergency departments are open 24/7 to treat emergency medical conditions, including stroke, head trauma, heart attack, chest pain, broken bones, wounds and more.


Community Health Network's state-of-the-art emergency departments are attached to award-winning hospitals, giving you access to a full spectrum of services and specialists. We are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week for walk-in visits, emergencies and ambulance runs.

We strive to provide a prompt and accurate diagnosis based on qualified assessments and clinical tests, and prescribe the appropriate course of care. With the full resources of our staff and hospitals, we have a variety of advanced testing procedures and specialists available if needed.

Emergency Care During COVID-19

Medical emergencies don’t wait during a pandemic. Community Health Network and our emergency care team are providing a safe environment to care for patients experiencing both COVID-19 and non-COVID serious health situations. In the video below, emergency department physician Christian Ross, MD, offers suggestions on when and how to get emergency care while staying healthy and safe.

If you are experiencing heart attack, stroke or other emergency symptoms, please call 9-1-1.

We also offer the Center of Hope for victims of violence, abuse or neglect, especially sexual assault and interpersonal violence.

Center of Hope
Since 1998, the Center of Hope at Community Health Network has been dedicated to caring for victims of violence, abuse or neglect, especially sexual assault and interpersonal violence.
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Emergency Medicine Locations

Emergency Room vs. MedCheck

What exactly is an emergency? After all, many health situations can seem like emergencies in the heat of the moment.

Visit our Urgent Care page for guidance on what conditions are appropriate for convenience care, urgent care or emergency care.

Urgent Care Page

David P.
“It was a classic symptom of a heart attack, but it still left me with the choice of whether or not to follow up and get it properly diagnosed in the middle of a pandemic, or stay home and take my chances."
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