Promises to Parents

High quality and safe care
  • Your child will be under the care of well-trained staff who have expertise in treating children and who stay current through continuing education.
  • The care environment has been designed with safety and security in mind.
  • Our facilities and care are kid-friendly, helping your child to feel safe. We are experts in pain management and distraction techniques.
  • Those caring for your child have access to the right equipment, supplies and medications for treating children.
  • We welcome and encourage your involvement in your child's care, and will discuss that care with you and show you the best ways to participate. We encourage you to ask questions, and welcome your comments.
A compassionate experience
  • There are many children under our care, but we're caring for just one of yours. Your child will have individualized, attentive care from staff and volunteers.
  • Every opportunity will be taken to provide your child with care that eases discomfort, minimizes pain and quiets anxiety.
  • Your child will receive age-appropriate and non-judgmental emotional support. We know how to help ease the fears of children (and parents).
A special experience
  • Entertainment and diversions will ease your child's stay. Our reception areas will be comfortable for both you and your child.
  • While at the hospital, your child may choose appropriate, kid-friendly food.
A timely experience
  • We will do our best to anticipate the needs of you and your child, and do everything possible to minimize delays.
  • We will update you and your child frequently if there are delays.