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Cancer Survivorship Program

Survivorship begins from the day of diagnosis. However, it is when the active phases of your cancer treatment are complete that a new normal emerges. Community Health Network's Survivorship Program provides awareness of recommended screenings, education on evidence-based lifestyle behaviors, and assistance with any late- and long-term side effects that may have resulted from cancer treatment. Preventive care is important during this time, and we empower you with the tools to succeed in this next step. The Survivorship Program keeps patients connected to their current cancer care team at Community while integrating the primary care physician. We offer a variety of additional resources and specialty care programs focused on improving the cancer survivor’s health and quality of life.

Meet Our Team

Virtual Programs for Cancer Survivorship

We are back! Join us for online workshops, yoga and support groups.

We are committed to keeping you healthy and safe, so all previous in-person programs are now going virtual! We're excited to be delivering these programs to you from the comfort of your own home. For questions about programs, please call us at 317-621-4961.

Registration: For workshops and chair yoga, you may register online (see links below) or call 317-621-4961. After you register, you will receive a link to join the virtual class and additional materials for workshops.

Thriving After Cancer - Virtual Workshops

Workshops are designed to focus on all aspects of wellness, from how to eat and be more active to coping with fear of recurrence and empowering yourself after a cancer diagnosis. Note: If you did not receive the workshop materials, you may download them using the links below.

Mondays from 6 to 8 p.m.

  • Nutritional Wellness - A dietitian who works with cancer survivors offers guidance on making healthy food choices, setting realistic food goals, overcoming food challenges after treatment, and more.
  • Physical Wellness - This workshop will review common late- and long-term treatment side effects and offer ways to alleviate these post-treatment issues.
  • Sexuality and Intimacy - If cancer treatment has led to changes physically or mentally in your relationship, this workshop could help. Occupational therapist Addie Jacobs will discuss some common side effects and ways to help regain what may have been lost or changed since cancer treatment.
    • Register: Check back for more dates!
  • Genetics 101 - A Community Health Network genetic counselor will discuss what you need to know about genetics and cancer. Learn the important role genetics can play in your cancer treatment and screening recommendations for future prevention of cancer for you and your family. We will also discuss the evolution of genomics and how it differs from genetics.
  • Fear of Recurrence - Join us to acknowledge the anxiety and fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Learn ways to cope and better manage this fear in survivorship.

Gentle Stretch Yoga

Woman doing virtual yoga at homeSurvivors, caregivers and Community staff are invited to attend this free program. Yoga has been shown to increase flexibility and strength while decreasing stress and toxins. Join us and make a positive change in your life! All fitness levels welcome.

Click the date to register online in Webex. Register for as many sessions as you like!

Virtual Cancer Support Groups

Our new virtual support sessions allow you to safely access the support you need from the comfort of your home. Brought to you in partnership with Cancer Support Community. See the schedule below. To attend, call 317-257-1505 for a brief interview, and then you will receive a virtual link for the group.

Support Groups and Schedules

Intimacy Clinic

Couple dancingThe providers at Community's Intimacy Clinic are experts in women’s physical, emotional and spiritual health. They treat a wide range of sexual health issues to enhance overall wellness in women - from cancer intimacy issues to post-menopausal care - using traditional treatments as well as alternative therapies. Explore the link below to meet the specialist, Dr. Amy Hayes, and learn how to schedule an appointment.

Intimacy Clinic

Thriving After Cancer

At Community, cancer survivors are at the core of our exceptional medical programs and specialty oncology support services, designed to support, guide and empower you in this next step of post-treatment life.

Listen as Dr. Robert Goulet describes the survivorship program and experience, and then explore these services and programs below.

Survivorship Resources

Cancer Survivorship Care Continuum

How Can We Help?

Every patient has different needs at different times in their personal cancer journey. We encourage you to contact our team to help you in transition from active cancer treatment to thriving in survivorship. If you need personal assistance, please call us at 317-621-4961.

How Can I Help Others?

Many cancer survivors and their caregivers reflect back on their cancer journey experience and have a desire to give back in some way. Community Health Network Foundation offers opportunities to share your story, volunteer or donate. We encourage all of our cancer survivors to help empower others who may need emotional encouragement, support or financial assistance. To explore how you can positively affect someone else’s cancer journey, visit Community Health Network Foundation online at or learn more about their cancer initiatives below.

Foundation Cancer Initiatives