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Lap band success stories


Carl's journey to a healthy lifestyle started in April 2012 when he first visited Dr. McEwen and weighed 263 pounds. He had Lap-Band® surgery in August 2013 and was down 125 lbs by early 2014. Carl describes his journey after surgery as "a miracle." Today, he is enjoying life, his wife and daughter like never before. Walking, going to museums, amusement park rides and other things he could never do before he does now with joy! Read more about Carl's journey >>


Katy had lap band surgery on May 17, 2013. As of December 2014, Katy had lost 110 lbs, but had not yet met her goal. In 2015, she aspired to lose another 15 lbs and stick to a few other goals.

In September 2012, I saw a picture of myself sitting with my fiancé on a rock jetty on the beach, smiling into a camera, looking terribly uncomfortable, trying to be happy on vacation. All I could think was that I was a beached whale.

When I started looking into my options for Lap-Band®, I really did not have any questions in my mind. I knew that I would have to get through the struggle with insurance. At this point, I had thrown around the ideas long enough. I had had friends that had thrown around the idea with me. I knew it was time for a drastic change and I needed to make the lifestyle changes that would change my life once and for all—no more diets, no more ups and downs. Learn more about her journey >>


I have had a lifelong battle with losing weight. I call myself a "weight loss professional" and I have the degrees to prove it: Two lifetime memberships to Weight Watchers, not to mention the many "tried but failed" diets (Adkins, Metabolism Diet, Nutri-System, etc.). I have lost and gained back the weight plus an additional 30 to 40 more pounds each time.

Left: Mimi in July 2012. Right: Mimi in March 2014

My final straw was the beginning of health issues, but the absolute final straw came in 2012 when I discovered my BMI was in the "super morbidly obese" range and I was humiliated! I was at the point where I could not walk from ankle and knee pain with the added issues of being pre-diabetic, having high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was concerned for my future health. I noticed a commercial on TV for an upcoming lap band seminar with Dr. McEwen and decided to attend. A friend was going to go with me for moral support. My friend canceled and I almost did, too. But I decided to go alone and that was the best decision of my life!

I have had an AMAZING journey with support all along the way!

My accomplishments today are not measured in pounds, but in things such as flying without a seat belt extender and buying a belt for the first time in 20 years! I am able to reach over and clean a bath tub, go through a turn-style at the theater and do not have to shop at Lane Bryant. I can go to a water park with my grand-daughters! I can cross my legs!

There are dozens more and I find new accomplishments each and every day that I rejoice in and feel such gratitude for such an amazing transformation in my life! I feel like a new person both physically and emotionally and am excited to see what the next years of my life will hold in store! I am still pinching myself most days that I am a person who has a "before" and an "after"!

Lynn Adamczyk

Bariatric surgeon: Keith McEwen, M.D.
Surgical weight loss procedure: LAP-BAND® System

I was always the heavy, big-boned girl. My sister was the skinny child. I struggled with my weight from adolescence, into adulthood. I had been on numerous diets. Of course, I would succeed. I had lost the same 100 pounds several times over. The problem was the success was short–term. I would soon find myself weighing above 200 or closer to 300 pounds again.

With the help of LAP-BAND gastric banding, Lynn Adamczyk lost more than 100 lbsIn 2007, I decided that I would proceed with bariatric surgery as I had lost 100 pounds and it was slowly creeping back on. I began investigating all of the bariatric procedures to choose the best fit for my life, my goals and my finances. A friend directed me to Dr. Keith McEwen to learn about the LAP-BAND® System. I attended a seminar and listened to Dr. McEwen speak. He explained that the weight loss would be slower and that surgery does require hard work and dedication from a patient. His explanations and theories on obesity struck home with me. I felt the LAP-BAND System, with Dr McEwen, was the perfect fit for my life. I wanted a short recovery, quality follow-up, and to privately pay without insurance benefits. My insurance excluded bariatric services. The option of an outpatient LAP-BAND surgery with minimal down time, low risk, adjustability and affordability was very pleasing to me.

I had my surgery on April 11, 2007. It took a year to lose my first 100 pounds. I have been at my goal since the fall of 2008. My weight is very stable. I have had a grand total loss of 145 pounds. I no longer focus on the scales anymore because I am too busy living my life. My decision to have weight loss surgery has improved my health, my mobility and my quality of life. I am living life to the fullest and feel as if the “real” me has finally been freed!

Ed French

Bariatric surgeon: Keith McEwen, M.D.
Surgical weight loss procedure: LAP-BAND® System

Ed French had long-term weight loss success with LAP-BAND surgeryI am a 56-year-old automotive executive who has a family history of obesity. All of my family (both sides) are overweight and have struggled with this issue. I have been on every diet in the alphabet, but with limited results. After gaining and losing for 45 of my 56 years, I finally reached the conclusion that I needed medical science to overcome my genetic shortcomings. I set out to study all of the procedures available, and after a month of exhaustive review, came to the realization that the LAP-BAND® System was the right choice for me. I signed up for a seminar in July of 2006 and was immediately sold on this being the right decision, both from a procedure and surgeon standpoint.

On August 23rd 2006, I went in for the surgery weighing 282 pounds with a 48” waist. The procedure went well, as I was an “outpatient” at a fabulous surgery center, that felt more like a luxury hotel, not a hospital (exactly what I needed),and began the journey of long term weight loss. After nearly six years, I am now at 170 pounds and wear 32” waist slacks and have never felt better in my life. I have the energy of a 30 year old (at least that is what my employees say) and have kept the weight off. Now I feel as though I should have done this 10 years ago! Dr. McEwen and his staff have been wonderful with my follow-up visits and have really encouraged me to come to seminars and tell my story, and share that there can be hope, and most of all, results from the pain of obesity.

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