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Cardiac Persantine stress test

Understanding of the treatments and tests you receive is very important to everyone at Community Howard Regional. Therefore, this information is to acquaint you with standard procedures in a routine nuclear medicine stress test. It provides you with the basic facts and information about this test. Read the material, share it with your family and ask any clarifying questions of the nurse or nuclear medicine technologist.


A nuclear medicine Persantine stress test is done for the doctor to take pictures of your heart while you are stressed (using exercise or a chemical stress agent) as well as during rest. This test involves the injection of a radioactive “tracer” that allows the heart muscle to be seen on a nuclear medicine gamma camera. This is especially useful in diagnosing coronary heart disease, the presence of blockages in the coronary arteries that supply oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle. The amount of radioactive tracer that is used is a very small amount and safe.

However, if you are pregnant, suspect you may be or are a nursing mother, be sure to let your doctor know.


  • The patient will eat a small breakfast prior to coming to the hospital
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes and walking shoes
  • Caffeine is not permitted 24 hours prior to the exam time
  • Talk to your doctor concerning whether or not to take any heart medications you are currently taking. DO NOT stop any medications unless otherwise instructed by your doctor


  • Before the test you will be given a description of the test and you will be asked to sign a consent form
  • An IV will be started and several sticky pads will be placed on your chest to monitor your heart rhythm during the test
  • You will take a set of resting images under a rotating camera
  • You will then be asked to walk on a treadmill or hooked up to a medication that will increase your heart rate
  • After the stress portion of the exam you will be brought to the cafeteria to have lunch
  • Finally you will return to the nuclear medicine department to have a second set of images taken


Your doctor will discuss these results with you at a future office visit. The test results will give the doctor important information to better develop the best plan of care for you. Your comfort during this procedure is very important to everyone at Community Howard Regional. If there is something that can be done to make you more comfortable during this exam, please let the technologist know.

We are dedicated to making your testing experience a pleasant one. For more information, please call us at 765-453-8597 or e-mail at

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