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Speaking in code

Ask those in the health-care industry, and they'll tell you that making sure bills are coded correctly is the key to making sure insurance companies pay claims in a timely manner.

The problem is, codes change, especially for Medicare and Medicaid.

Janet Tremelling, manager of the physician billing office, asked the Foundation to pay the fee for a staff member to attend a conference for coders.

"Getting the education makes an employee better at his or her job. When someone goes to a conference, he or she comes back and shares the information with the rest of us. That helps all of us," she said. "The more knowledge my staff has, the more it benefits the patients. The staff can interact with the insurance companies or Medicaid/Medicare, keeping the patients from having to deal with that. Those who are sick or have been ill don't need the added burden of a pile of paperwork. If it is coded correctly, the patient should never have to do anything. If there's a problem with the coding, the patient's going to get a rejection letter from the insurance company or Medicare/Medicaid, and it really is a headache for the patients. What we try to do here is help the patients. That's our first goal here. Keeping up to date on coding helps us meet that goal."

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