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Those with serious, persistent mental illness are in dire need of two things: regular counseling and medication. Yet because of their illnesses, many struggle to get and to keep jobs to pay for the needed medication. Some can't afford transportation, either. Add to that the changes in Medicaid, and it's easy to see why Community Support Services calls on the Foundation regularly.

"In our program, we have at least 400 to 500 patients," said Bill Davis, CSS director. "Doctors prescribe them certain medications to be taken regularly for a reason. They have to have their meds. They have to stay on their meds. Free samples are fewer and farther between. One client needed $93 for medicine. With the help of the Foundation, we loaned it to her. If she hadn't had it, she probably would have been hospitalized for several days. That would have cost a lot more than $93, not to mention causing her to suffer. The Foundation also helped us pay for a van. We use the Spirit of Kokomo bus system to get clients to their appointments as much as possible, but we still needed another form of transportation. We use that van a lot."

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