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Surgical care

As part of its expansion, Community Hospital South now has six new surgery suites featuring some of the most advanced technology and equipment in the area. These state-of-the-art surgery suites have made it possible for Community South to increase the volume, type and complexity of the procedures it offers.

The integrated technology system in the surgery suites allows computers, x-ray and additional imaging equipment and other technology to sit away from the operating table, while surgeons view the radiographic images in high definition from two suspended monitors. This is especially useful in orthopedic procedures that often use bulky x-ray equipment.

Chace Lottich, M.D., breast surgeon at Community Breast Care, uses the integrated system with the Kubotek portable x-ray machine to obtain immediate images of breast tissue specimens. In less than a minute she can determine whether the specimen contains the microscopically targeted lesion in its entirety and transmit the image digitally to the radiology department for confirmation, speeding up the process significantly.“From an efficiency standpoint, this is wonderful,” she said.

Down to the last detail

But it’s not just the bells and whistles that make this surgery facility first-class. Much thought was put into the master plan to maximize efficiencies and improve patient care. The new filtration system and doors that automatically open and close help keep the environment sterile. Green light technology enhances surgeons’ ability to see images on the monitors without eyestrain, while providing ample light for staff.

All six suites are of equal size, have identical configurations and orientations and contain the same technology and equipment. This consistent approach allows surgeons and nurses to use the suites interchangeably and provide each patient with the same optimum care.

da Vinci® Surgical System

da Vinci robotic surgical systemThe addition of the da Vinci® robotic surgical system and stealth navigation system have expanded the types of surgeries being performed at Community South. Since early 2010, surgeons have been using the robot-assisted technology to perform minimally invasive, yet complex, procedures including prostatectomies, hysterectomies and colon resections.

“The daVinci robotic system is a game-changer for Community Hospital South,” said Patrick Beaupre, R.N., clinical director of surgical services for Community South. “What this means for patients on the south side of Indianapolis and in Johnson County is that they now have a new option. Patients don’t have to go elsewhere. We’ve got it right here in their own backyard.” Find a da Vinci surgeon >>


Recently Community South celebrated another first—two cranial procedures were performed by David Hall, M.D. Dr. Hall is a well-known neurosurgeon who will be using his considerable expertise to provide minimally invasive spinal and cranial surgeries for patients at Community South. Patients in the south area can now have neurosurgery without traveling. Learn more at

Multiple options: Community Surgery Center South

The new surgery suites are just one piece of the total picture of what Community South has to offer surgery patients. The Community Surgery Center South, an outpatient surgery center with seven surgery suites, is also located on the campus.

“There’s a huge benefit in the fact that the hospital and the surgery center are connected,” Beaupre said. “We use the same team of anesthesiologists and we share the same physicians. It keeps the process fluid and consistent.”

Whether you come to Community South for inpatient or outpatient surgery, you’ll benefit from the same continuum of care. Having two facilities in such close proximity, with physicians and staff who are familiar with both, also provides the centers with the flexibility to seamlessly transfer appropriate surgeries from one facility to the other when one facility needs more capacity.

“Community South surgery and Community Surgery Center do a phenomenal job of providing optimal patient care at the highest level, with the least cost to patients,” Lottich said. “There’s a very high level of expectation from the staff and the physicians in terms of the performance levels. And I think the patient ends up being the big winner.”

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