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Health and medical services at Community Hospital South in Indianapolis

Ortho/neuro/spine unit

A different approach to joint replacement

Walking the hallway at the Center for Joint HealthThe Center for Joint Health works proactively with caregivers and patients prior to their hip and knee replacement surgeries, providing them with classes and a comprehensive guidebook about the process. It is a team approach in which a joint care coordinator helps patients through the entire process.

After surgery, patients are brought directly to the Center for Joint Health, and rehabilitation begins that evening. The next day they dress in their street clothes and begin participating in physical therapy sessions twice daily with fellow patients. Family and friends are encouraged to act as coaches to help motivate the patients. The unit features an Olympic theme, and patients who attain the goal of walking 2,000 feet receive a gold medal to take home with them.

Physical therapy at the Center for Joint HealthThe results are impressive: 94 percent of patients walk at least 500 feet at the time of discharge; 90 percent had 90 degrees or better knee flexion at the time of discharge; and 73 percent go home with home care or outpatient therapy. Overall patient satisfaction is 98 percent. “Our new activity room will be able to accommodate at least 12 patients comfortably,” Anness said. “This will allow us to continue to grow our program here.”

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Expanding neurological and spine services

Spine surgeons were incorporated into the unit a year ago. A core group within the unit is currently developing a program for spine patients that will be similar to the Center for Joint Health. It will include a guidebook that will take patients from pre-op to post-op.

The focus for these patients is on pain management. Activities are performed at the bedside and emphasize safety precautions such as how to lift items without further injuring their spines.

Dr. David C. Hall and the O-Arm imaging systemNeurosurgery is the latest addition to the unit. David C. Hall, M.D., joined Community South’s ortho-neuro-spine unit in 2010. Dr. Hall performs spinal decompressions and collaborates with orthopedic spine surgeons on complicated spine cases.

A well-known neurosurgeon, Dr. Hall opted to join Community South in part because of the growth on the south side, which has produced a need for his services. “I thought this created a very exciting opportunity,” he said. “If you look at the administration of Community South, they are very eager to bring expertise to the south side from both an orthopedic and a neurosurgical standpoint.”

Having these kinds of services—as well as the cranial procedures that Dr. Hall also performs—available at Community South is a huge plus for residents in southern Marion County and Johnson and Morgan counties who can stay closer to their family and friends.

Community South is supporting the ortho-neuro-spine unit by investing heavily in the latest technology such as powerful microscopes, an O-Arm imaging system that images the spine in 3-D, and computerized navigation that assists surgeons in performing minimally invasive surgeries.

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