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Pediatric surgery: What to expect

During your child's surgery experience, your physician and our Pre-Operative Care Unit (POCU) staff will do their best to make your family's stay with us comfortable and pleasant. 

If you have questions after reviewing this information, please call the Pre-Op Clinic at 317-621-5152 or 877-221-5152. Our nurses will be happy to assist you.

Take the pediatric surgery tour

You may be asked to complete a health history questionnaire. Please be ready to answer questions about your child's present and past medical history, medications (including names and doses) and surgeries.

A nurse in the Pre-Op Unit will also discuss with you any recent physician or specialist visits, including recent labs, x-rays, EKG's and other testing your child may have had.

Pre-registration: Prior to the day of surgery, you may receive a phone call from a registration clerk. You will be asked for information about your insurance coverage at that time. You may pre-register your child by calling 317-621-2184. Please leave a daytime phone number if you reach the voicemail. If you do not speak to us by phone, please bring your insurance information with you on the day of surgery.

Pediatric visit: Children often feel more at ease if their surroundings are somewhat familiar to them. A pre-op visit is often helpful. You and your child will be given a tour of the Pre-Op Care Unit (POCU) and Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). You and your child will be given information on what to expect, and have an opportunity to ask us questions before the day of surgery. Please call 317-355-4680 (centralized scheduling) if you are interested in scheduling a visit for your child.

Pre-op call: You may receive a phone call prior to surgery from a pre-op nurse to obtain health information about your child. The nurse will ask about medical-surgical history, medications and current health status. This will also provide you an opportunity to ask questions.

Enter the hospital's main entrance, which is on the north side of Clearvista Parkway. Take the elevators directly behind the Information/Concierge desk to the surgery waiting room on the second floor.

Free valet parking is available at the hospital's main entrance. Free parking is also available in the garage attached to the hospital. If using the garage, enter the hospital through the connecting hallway located on the first floor and follow the above directions to the surgery waiting room.

Diet: Eating or drinking prior to surgery may result in the cancellation of your child's surgery. Please follow your surgeon's instructions for eating and drinking.

Medications: If your child takes medications regularly, the surgeon or anesthesiologist may want them to have their usual dose. We ask that you bring all medications with you to the hospital in their original containers.

Valuables: Please leave valuables at home including jewelry and money. A family member or visitor will be asked to take care of any valuables that your child has including glasses or electronic devices.

Comfort: If your child has a blanket, doll, stuffed animal, etc. they would like to bring to the hospital, please do so. This item can accompany them to surgery.

Cosmetics: Make sure your child is not wearing make-up or fingernail polish on arrival to the POCU. Artificial nails are acceptable.

Clothing: Have your child in comfortable loose fitting clothes. If surgery is early morning, it may be easier to leave them in their pajamas. On arrival to pre-op your child will need to be changed into hospital attire. We will give you a garment bag to place belongings in during surgery.

Visitors: Three visitors will be permitted to stay with your child in the Pre-Op Care Unit until the time of surgery. The surgeon will talk with you in the surgery waiting room after your child's surgery is completed.

Transportation: If your child is going home the day of surgery, please make sure transportation is available for your return home. Have a pillow available in the car for comfort during the ride home. This is especially helpful for elevating an extremity after an orthopedic surgery. Your child may experience motion sickness on the ride home. Have a container and some tissues available should this occur.

Illness: If your child develops cold or flu symptoms (sore throat, diarrhea, fever or productive cough) prior to surgery, call your doctor! Your doctor will determine if you should proceed with the surgery.

Your child may be somewhat sleepy for up to 24 hours if they receive general anesthesia. It is best to keep your child under the direct supervision of an adult during this time. Encourage rest or quiet indoor activity. Notify the physician immediately if any unusual problems develop.

It is important to follow your physician's instructions regarding medications and diet restrictions.

We are concerned about your child's recovery and hope you are satisfied with the services you received at Community Hospital. If your child is having an outpatient procedure and is discharged form the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), a PACU nurse will call you by phone 24 to 72 hours after surgery. The nurse will ask how your child is doing and if you have any concerns.


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