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We need equality and unity

For release on June 02, 2020

Deeply committed to improving the health and well-being of all we serve

We’re a nation already coping with the biggest health challenge and economic uncertainty most of us have ever experienced. It’s yet another blow to our spirit and our emotional strength to be witness to the reprehensible death of George Floyd while in police custody.

Recent incidents of violence and racial disparity trouble us all. Most recently, the situation in Minneapolis has touched people in every state, including ours. Right now, it seems like we’re a long way from a feeling of unity. Many among us have very real, valid questions about the application of justice, about personal safety, about whether our country can achieve ideals of equality that still seem so far from our grasp.

The truth is, we need unity now more than ever—we must embrace and care for each other.

We’re working to address social determinants of health that lead to inequities within our communities. We know that we can’t create a just society if every person cannot connect with adequate care, or sufficient food, or educational opportunities.

By living our mission as a Network, we’ve been focusing on these challenges together, recognizing and celebrating diversity and the value of all.

At the same time, we acknowledge that this is an ongoing journey—there is still much work to do, many more opportunities to impact our communities while further evolving our own culture within our organization.

Let us be beacons of healing and health in our communities during this time of ever-increasing challenge. And let us also be there for one another.

Bryan Mills
President and CEO, Community Health Network

Bryan Mills, President and CEO
Bryan Mills
President and CEO