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Indiana hospital systems launch MyTruAdvantage, a Medicare Advantage plan created in Indiana, for Indiana

For release on November 02, 2020

Founded by local doctors and hospitals, and powered by Columbus-based SIHO Insurance Services, MyTruAdvantage Medicare Advantage plans provide competitive benefits you’ve come to expect from an out-of-state-based plan, from trusted healthcare professionals you know, for $0 a month.

Columbus, IN. (October 1, 2020) — When it comes to your health, getting the best local care to help you live the best life possible is essential. That’s why MyTruAdvantage is launching its Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plan for Indiana residents – everything that Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) covers, plus zero-dollar premiums, prescription drugs, and rich supplemental benefits. Enrollment for its personalized HMO and PPO MAPD plans begin October 15 through December 7, 2020.

The driving force behind MyTruAdvantage is delivering the best care that saves you money and gives you the benefits you deserve, so you can live your best life possible. Unlike plans founded out-of-state, MyTruAdvantage has partnered with community-focused doctors and hospitals right here in Indiana - including Columbus Regional Health, Community Health Network, Deaconess Health System, Schneck Medical Center, and Union Health. We’re locally based, and deliver the competitive benefits expected from a MAPD plan.

According to The American Journal of Managed Care, provider-led Medicare Advantage plans may offer better healthcare quality and higher beneficiary satisfaction and retention than commercial Medicare Advantage plans. In Indiana, Medicare Advantage is rapidly growing with almost one-third of Medicare beneficiaries in a Medicare Advantage plan.

“We created MyTruAdvantage based on the wants and needs of our state-wide community in partnership with some of Indiana’s top hospital systems,” said John Sadtler, CEO of SIHO Insurance Services. “In these extraordinary times our residents deserve high-quality care—from trusted and dedicated healthcare professionals they know by name. And since we’re right here in Indiana, you can be confident in our passion for serving our friends and neighbors.”

The TruAdvantage network is a network of health systems you know and trust. The network includes over 2,200 unique primary care providers and 4,100 specialists, in addition to over 300 facilities. Plus, no referrals are needed.

“Partnering with MyTruAdvantage is a win-win for our senior population and our state,” said Roy McConnell, Vice President Health System Development and Executive Lead of MyTruAdvantage. “A community-focused Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan allows us to continue to increase accessibility, improve the quality of care beneficiaries receive and offer better and more personalized health outcomes.”

Advantages of MyTruAdvantage include:

  • Lower out-of-pocket costs:
    • Plans starting at $0 per month
    • $0 medical deductibles and low copays
    • Primary care provider (PCP) visits for as little as $0
    • No referrals needed for in-network specialists
    • $0 copay for preferred generic drugs
    • Annual out-of-pocket maximum
  • The Extras
    • Dental, vision and hearing coverage
    • Over-the-counter allowance
    • Free gym memberships

Two Medicare Advantage plan options are available: MyTruAdvantage Select (HMO), which offers a $0 premium, $0 copays, $0 deductible, and more no-cost advantages, and MyTruAdvantage Choice (PPO), which is just $12 a month with low premiums and copays, plus the ability to go out of network. Enrollment begins Oct. 15, 2020.

For a free MyTruAdvantage Medicare Advantage information and enrollment kit, please contact 1-833-213-6731 or TTY: 1-800-743-3333 x 711 or visit mytruadvantage.com where you can download it or sign up to receive a mail version at no cost to you.

For more information, visit mytruadvantage.com and contact Kristie Burns at 616-901-6720 or Kristie.Burns@mytruadvantage.com.

MyTruAdvantage FAQs (PDF)

About SIHO
SIHO Insurance Services, headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, was established in 1987 through the cooperative efforts of local physicians, hospitals, and employers who were concerned about the rising cost of health care. One of the fastest growing Health Plan Administrators in the Midwest, SIHO strives to raise the standard of health care and the quality of life in its communities. As a leader in innovative health benefit solutions for businesses of all sizes, SIHO offers a wide range of products and services including comprehensive third-party administration, wellness programs, population health management, health system and network development, and COBRA administration. SIHO’s promise to its customers is very simple: we inspire healthier members by connecting high quality care to innovative insurance solutions so that our members can pursue their best lives.

About MyTruAdvantage
MyTruAdvantage (powered by SIHO Insurance Services) has an HMO and PPO plan with a Medicare contract to serve the state of Indiana residents. MyTruAdvantage provides the coverage and quality you expect and the care you deserve through trusted, local healthcare professionals with a passion for serving our communities, friends and neighbors. Enrollment in Medicare plans depends on contract renewal. Enrollment for 2021 coverage is October 15 – December 7, 2020. For more information, visit mytruadvantage.com.

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