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COVID-19 update: Visitor restrictions update (maternity/NICU, End of Life)

For release on April 16, 2020

4/16/20 Update - End of Life Visitation

  • End of life visitation may occur for a maximum of two (2) authorized adults 18 and over.
  • Visitation is for a set amount of time when it is determined a patient is at end of life.
  • A phone screen for COVID-19 symptoms may occur, and an in-person screen will also occur.
  • Visitors traveling to the hospital must have a homemade mask or face covering when they leave their home.
  • Only authorized adults will be permitted into the facility. Children or additional family members are not permitted to be in the lobby during the visit.
  • For your safety, no personal belongings are permitted into the facility other than vehicle keys.
  • End of life visitors must make the screening attendants aware of the visitation.
  • For COVID-19 positive or suspected patients:
    • Authorized visitors will be assisted with additional personal protective equipment (PPE) for your safety.
  • Visitors in personal protective equipment will be required to wear the equipment properly for the duration of the visit.
  • Spiritual care services are available upon request.
  • For the safety of the public, we ask visitors travel directly to the hospital, and head directly back to their home following the visit.

For complete details, please read this letter from Ram Yeleti, MD, EVP, Chief Physician Executive.

End of Life Visitation Expectations (PDF)

3/23/20 Update

No visitors will be allowed to enter any Community site unless they are accompanying a minor patient or a patient who needs assistance. In those instances, the visitor may accompany the patient only as far as the door to the facility unless a medical professional believes the patient need’s the guest’s assistance within the facility. If so the visitor can assist the patient to the location, but cannot stay with the patient and must leave the facility.

Exceptions for OB/delivery and NICU are outlined in the guidelines below:

  • Maternity Services departments will allow one support person ONLY for the patient during her stay. The patient cannot have one different visitor during her stay (e.g., Dad goes home and Grandma takes his place). It must be the same support person throughout the stay.
  • NICU departments will allow parents OR assigned guardians ONLY.
  • Maternity patients and NICU parents will be permitted to bring a small bag to the hospital with their personal clothing and their baby’s car seat. Personal items such as birthing balls and pillows will not be allowed.

For the safety of patients and caregivers, no packages, gifts, food, etc. will be allowed into our facilities.

For more about integrated sites of care and for all our COVID-19 updates and FAQs go to eCommunity.com/covid19.

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