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The Center for Joint Health continues to take strides in excellence as it receives certification from The Joint Commission in both total hip and total knee replacement

For release on October 05, 2012

Indianapolis, IN---Community Hospital North, located at 7150 Clearvista Drive, was granted certification by The Joint Commission for both hip and knee joint replacement. Designated as a center for patients having elective total hip and total knee replacement, the Center for Joint Health follows a wellness model with core elements of excellence. Receiving this certification from The Joint Commission signifies the network’s continued commitment to providing safe, high-quality care, treatment and services to patients.

Patients bring in their regular clothes to wear beginning the day after surgery. Patients are up out of bed on the day of surgery or early the next morning. Several weeks before surgery, patients attend a two-hour pre-operative education class with a family member, and a comprehensive guidebook helps them navigate through the entire journey from six weeks pre-op to six weeks post-op.

“We educate family members to act as a ‘coach’ for moral support and motivation, as well as to educate the family member if they will be caring for the patient upon discharge,” said Yvonne Hacker, R.N., joint care coordinator at the Center for Joint Health.

Embracing a mountain climbing theme at the center, patients are motivated to track their walking distances daily on a magnetic board that helps them visualize their progress up the mountain. Patients are further supported through daily newsletters, inspiration cards, awards and incentives. “Our patients have given the program a 98 percent overall excellence rating,” said Hacker, “and we are committed to continue helping them climb to success.”

“Our unique approach of group physical therapy and group lunches with the other total joint patients helps to build camaraderie, motivation and support.” Patients are also invited back for a reunion dinner a few months after surgery to celebrate their recovery. “Our Joint Center is really like going to ‘joint camp’ where lasting memories and friendships can begin.”

About Community Hospital North
Designed by doctors, nurses and patients to deliver the next evolution in health care, Community Hospital North, part of Community Health Network, offers an exceptional patient and family experience. Serving the growing northeast portion of the Indianapolis metropolitan area from its campus at 82nd and Shadeland, Community North's comprehensive services include advanced medical and surgical care, maternity services, neonatal intensive care, pediatrics, emergency care, behavioral care, endoscopy and outpatient services. The hospital campus also features The Indiana Heart Hospital, Community Regional Cancer Care, Indiana Surgery Center, Community Spine Center, MedCheck walk-in care center, a freestanding imaging center, several medical office buildings, free parking, a retail pharmacy and a boutique offering specialized health care products.


Lynda de Widt, Media Relations
Lynda de Widt
Media Relations