Video Visits in MyChart

MyChart Video Visit appointments provide a convenient way to receive exceptional care, simply delivered to a location that is convenient for you! To participate in a video visit, you must have an active MyChart account. Video visits may be held on a mobile device or your desktop/laptop computer. Review the instructions for your device below and watch the video walkthrough for more details.

*Not all visits will be conducted through video. Your provider will determine if your appointment need is appropriate.

Video Visit Tips

  • If, during a video visit, it is determined that your condition warrants an office visit, the office will call you to schedule that appointment.
  • Once the video visit begins, your image will appear in the window located in the lower right of the screen.
  • For optimal picture quality, don’t sit or stand in front of windows or bright lights.
  • Mute, Disable Camera, Leave Visit, Device Selection, and Shrink or Grow your camera preview buttons are available to use during your visit.
  • If the call or video connection is lost prior to your provider joining the visit, simply reconnect.
  • You can eCheck-In up to three days before your video visit.
  • The Begin Video Visit button will not appear until you are within a 2-hour time frame of your video visit.
  • DO NOT tap the Begin Video Visit button at the end of your check-in process if your office is not using MyChart to complete the video visit. Your provider's office will communicate the way in which you will complete your video visit.
  • Call 317-355-2273 for MyChart support.


Mobile Device

MyChart video visit mobile icon

  • Video visits may be held on iPhone, iPad or Android phone.
  • Device must have a camera and microphone.
  • The MyChart mobile app must be installed: App Store | Google Play

Mobile Visit Guide (PDF)

Desktop or Laptop

MyChart video visits icon

  • Patients must use one of these web browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Computer must have a camera and microphone.
  • Complete the hardware/connection test the day before your appointment.

Desktop/Laptop Visit Guide (PDF)

Video Visits Guide