MyChart Guide: Visits & Appointments

Use MyChart to view your upcoming appointments and past visits, as well as request appointments and message your providers. MyChart makes visits and appointments easier with features like automated appointment reminderse-visitsvideo visits, eCheck-in and the ability to reschedule/cancel your appointment through MyChart.

New! Appointment Reminders

Starting in late July, 2020, all patients with scheduled appointments at Community Health Network will receive a confirmation outreach five days before their scheduled appointment.

  • This text or call (you may choose your preference) will ask questions so you can confirm, cancel or request to reschedule your appointment(s). Please answer the questions using the phone keypad.
  • If you have more than one appointment in a week, or multiple family members in your household have appointments in the same week, please be sure to stay on the line and confirm/cancel/reschedule all appointments.
  • If you need to reschedule, you will be directed to call your appointment location to reschedule your appointment.
  • You will also receive a reminder two days before their appointment.

When you arrive, please update your communication preference or preferred phone number during registration or check-in.

You can expect a call or text from the following numbers:

  • Call: Phone number of the location where your appointment is scheduled
  • SMS Text: 902-35

New! E-Visits in MyChart

Through e-visits, providers can work with you (the patient) to resolve health issues without an office visit. You can submit a questionnaire and then communicate with the provider about the problem through secure patient messages in MyChart.

How To Do E-Visits

Video Visits

Video Visit appointments provide a convenient way to receive exceptional care, simply delivered to a location that is convenient for you! Your provider will help determine if you would benefit from a video visit. Follow the link below for instructions to complete a video visit.

Video Visit Instructions


Mobile eCheck-In Guide Desktop/Laptop eCheck-In Guide

If an upcoming appointment is eligible for eCheck-in, you can use it to save time by completing tasks such as the following before you arrive at the clinic:

  • Pay visit copays, pre-payments and balance payments
  • Verify or update insurance, demographics, medications, allergies, current health issues and guarantor information
  • Answer appointment-related questionnaires

Learn more in the video below.

Appointment Scheduling, Reschedule, Cancel

To request or schedule an appointment, go to Visits in the top menu. You may also navigate to it in the following ways:

  • Your Menu > Schedule an Appointment
  • Your Menu > My Record > Visits
Visits menuYour Menu > Schedule an Appointment
  • Depending on the reason for scheduling or type of appointment you choose, you'll be directed to the "Request an Appointment" or "Schedule an Appointment" page.
  • Possible appointment types could include appointments with your primary or specialty care provider, a well-child check, urgent care through Community Clinic at Walgreens, among others.
  • When you send an appointment request, you're asked to enter the provider you want to see, the reason for the visit, preferred dates and times, and any comments regarding why you are requesting the appointment. After you submit your request, someone from the clinic will contact you to verify an appointment date and time.
  • When you schedule an appointment, you schedule the appointment yourself and don't need to wait to hear back from the clinic. After verifying your demographics and insurance information, you can choose a location and enter preferred dates and times. Pick an appointment from the list of available time slots to schedule it.
Visits > Schedule an appointmentVisits > Scheduling Workflow

Reschedule/Cancel an Appointment

You can reschedule or cancel your appointments through MyChart. Go to Visits and click on an upcoming visit to view the details page. On the appointment details screen, choose "Reschedule" or "Cancel appointment" (shown in red).

NOTE: The Reschedule option will only be visible for appointments that are able to be rescheduled via MyChart. If there is not a Reschedule option, please contact the provider's office directly to reschedule.

Upcoming & Past Appointments

To view your future or past appointments go to Visits. You can view all appointments or filter by date range, provider, department or specialty.

  • Upcoming Visits - Select a future scheduled visit to see date/time, location and driving directions, and any pre-visit instructions from the clinic.
    • If the doctor wants you to complete a questionnaire prior to that visit, it will be available on the details tab.
  • Past Visits - Select a past visit to view the After Visit Summary prepared by your care team, which you may print or download directly. On the Notes tab, you may find additional notes shared with you by the provider.

If any details in a visit summary appear incorrect, you may request a medical record correction from this section.

Visit Records: How to View, Download or Send

To view, download or send records of individual visits, go to Your Menu > My Record > Document Center and click on the "Visit Records" box. You may select single or multiple visits to view, download or send to other providers using the "View", "Download" or "Send" buttons below the visits list.

Visit/Appointment Features

Mobile check-in icon

Save time! Use eCheck-in to complete appointment-related tasks before you arrive at the clinic.

Video visits icon
Video Visits

Select providers offer follow-up visits by video, so you don't need to leave home or work.

Online medical messaging icon

Message with your providers to resolve health issues without an office visit.