MyChart Guide: Messaging

Use MyChart to read messages sent by your doctor or other clinic staff, ask non-emergency medical questions, and send test results to your provider from another provider or network.

View Messages

Read messages sent by your doctor or other clinic staff by going to your Inbox at Messages in the top menu. You may also go to Your Menu > Communication > Messages.

Messages Menu
  • To look for a specific message, enter keywords in the "Search message list" box at the top of the Inbox.
  • You may sort messages by received date, the subject, and who they are from.

Click the "Sent Messages" tab to read messages you have sent to your care team.

Send Test Results to a Provider

If you receive test results from another network or provider, you can share those with your PCP through MyChart. Follow the steps below for desktop or the mobile app.

Desktop Instructions   Mobile Instructions

Ask a Question

You may send non-urgent medical questions to your provider's office staff members through MyChart. These messages are always secure, so your information is private as it is sent.

You might use the "Ask a Medical Question" feature if you're not sure whether you should come in for an appointment, if you need clarification on the dosage of one of your medications or something that was discussed in a recent visit, or if you just want advice about a common illness.

To ask a question, go to Messages > Ask a Question and click on New Medical Question.

  • Choose a recipient from the list provided. This list might include your primary care provider, another doctor with whom you've recently had an office visit, or the general nursing staff at the clinic.
  • Select a subject for your message and enter your question.
  • You may attach an image or file with your question.
  • Click Send.

Someone at your clinic should respond to you within two business days. If you've opted to receive email or text notification for new messages in your MyChart account, you'll receive a message letting you know that the clinic has responded to your request.

Messages > Ask a questionAsk a question screen

View Sent Messages

To view any messages you've sent, visit the Sent Messages tab in your message Inbox at Messaging > Message Center. Messages that appear in bold have not yet been read by the clinic staff.

Letters and Clinic Calls

Letters from your providers, such as a letters containing test results or noting details of overdue appointments, they may be accessed in MyChart at Your Menu > Communication > Letters.

Transcriptions of calls from clinic staff may be found in your MyChart account at Your Menu > Communication > Clinic Calls.

Communication menu