Floor-by-Floor Guide

Community Rehabilitation Hospital, on the Community Hospital North medical campus, showcases Community’s long-term investment in providing post-acute care to the region. Here’s what patients and families can expect when they visit.

First Floor

Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by the lobby receptionist and directed to their destination. Everything in this custom-built rehabilitation facility is very accessible for patients and families. You can literally be on the unit with your loved one within a minute of walking in the front door.

Private, Spacious Patient Rooms

Rehab Hospital patient roomThis healing, restorative environment has an abundance of windows to let in the sunlight—not just in the public areas but also in therapy rooms and patient rooms. To the left of the lobby is a 32-bed unit featuring all private rooms and several bariatric suites.

The new hospital makes it easy for families to participate in their loved one’s recovery. Each patient room is designed with ADA-compliant full baths and a family area equipped with sleeper chairs that invite overnight stays.

Bariatric Accommodations

The larger bariatric suites feature oversize doorways, furniture and mechanical beds and special equipment such as overhead lifts. These rooms also accommodate patients with severe spinal cord injuries.

Dining Options

Rehab Hospital dining roomTo the right of the lobby, the cafeteria offers a cheery environment for visitors, staff and patients, as well as a separate, eight-person dysphagia dining room for stroke or brain injury patients who have difficulty swallowing. Patients receive meal-related therapy in this supervised environment so they can safely socialize with others at mealtimes.

Other First Floor Features

  • Two day rooms
  • A dedicated pharmacy and a point-of-care testing lab
  • A gym with separate therapy areas
  • Small group activity rooms for playing games, watching TV or accessing family education computers
  • An Assisted Daily Living (ADL) suite, a one-bedroom apartment where patients and families can practice daily living activities and care prior to discharge

Therapy Courtyard

Therapy courtyard and gazeboA custom-built therapy courtyard combines beauty and function. It contains a healing garden and gazebo, and the surrounding green space is designed for therapeutic activities such as gardening in wheelchair-accessible planters, or walking on the brick, gravel, wood and concrete pathways. The multiple surfaces allow patients to practice their ambulation and balance in “real world” conditions.

Second Floor

Brain Injury Units

This secure floor houses the 16-bed and 12-bed brain injury units. The limited access provides a safe environment for patients. Several of the private rooms on this floor are bariatric suites and have built-in overhead patient lifts.

Therapy Gym and More

The second floor also features a second gym with self-contained therapy areas, a separate dining room for patients who aren’t well enough to leave the floor, dayrooms and administrative offices.