PatientSecure: Safe, Efficient Patient Identification

Technology has become instrumental in efficiently and effectively treating patients. Patient charts containing personal and medical information are kept digitally, which helps vital information be up to date and readily available. Because of this, positive patient identification has become the foundation of healthcare: the correct care needs to be delivered to the correct patient 100% of the time. To ensure a quick and easy registration and safeguard against medical identity theft, Community Hospital Anderson began using PatientSecure in 2017.

PatientSecure is a device that uses the latest biometric technology to provide accurate identification of patients. With a simple scan of a patient’s hand, their digital health record is accessed, streamlining the registration process and allowing patients to get necessary healthcare in a safe and efficient way. With this technology, identity is instantly confirmed at registration. In an emergency, health professionals can access a patient’s medical record, even if they are unconscious or unable to speak.

With an estimated 2.3 million individuals that are impacted by medical identity theft annually, PatientSecure ensures accurate patient ID at registration. It limits the amount of personal information, such as social security number or address, that needs to be said aloud. In a manner of seconds, PatientSecure uses harmless near-infrared light to scan vein patterns to create an encrypted and protected digital file, which links to the patient’s unique medical record.

Community Hospital Anderson works hard to deliver an exceptional experience to everyone involved in the care process – patients and care providers alike – and PatientSecure is one more way to achieve that goal.