Woman being examined by physician

Inpatient Treatment at Community Fairbanks

Inpatient care at Community Fairbanks Recovery Center is designed for you or a loved one who requires medical intervention or a structured environment to abstain from using drugs or alcohol. This level of care includes detox, rehab, residential treatment and involvement in group therapy.

Detoxification (Detox)

Designed for patients likely to experience serious withdrawal complications due to addiction, detox is a medically managed service. Patients are medically stabilized and detoxified under 24-hour professional supervision. A comprehensive evaluation is conducted during this stage of treatment to determine the appropriate course for ongoing care.

"I’ve become open-minded, honest, and willing. I have a positive outlook on life."
—Former Community Fairbanks patient

Inpatient Treatment

By providing a structured inpatient environment, residential services combine the efforts of a multidisciplinary team with group therapy to meet the individualized needs of patients. Medical observation continues during this phase of treatment, but patients usually do not require withdrawal intervention. Involvement in group therapy is emphasized.

Inpatient group therapy session

Long-Term Residential Programs

Our long-term residential treatment programs at Community Fairbanks Recovery Lodge offers specialized treatment for individuals struggling with substance use disorders who have complex addiction recovery issues.