Lap-Band Support Team

At Community Bariatric Services - Hamilton, our knowledgeable, helpful team is here to help you throughout your weight loss journey—from initial consultation for bariatric surgery to post-surgical lap band diet plan and ongoing support. Get to know a little more about us below!

Whenever you need a little extra support, don't hesitate to call us at 317-621-2511. We are always here to help you manage lifestyle changes, celebrate successes and even share frustrations as you travel the path to weight loss and wellness.

Jamie Owens, RNJamie Owens, RN
Registered nurse

Motto: Take action and light the way.

Why did you decide to go into healthcare?
I wanted to do something in my career that is challenging, interesting, and makes a difference in people's lives on a daily basis.

What do you do for fun outside of work?
I love spending time with my husband, Rick. We have five grandchildren that we enjoy spending time with. We watch sporting events, travel and relax by the fire pit. I love to have a great time with my girlfriends as well.

What do you like most about working with Dr. Keith McEwen at his surgical weight loss practice?
Working for Dr. McEwen has been my best career decision. I have loved meeting all of our patients and participating in their journeys. Everyone is so INSPIRING! They are making hard decisions on changing their lifestyles. It is very rewarding to help them achieve their goals and support them if they hit bumps in the road. I love to hear their stories. My fellow staff members and Dr. McEwen are such a joy to work with. We have a great rapport with each other. I look forward to walking into the office every morning! It has been a blessing to get paid to do something that you love!

Jessie Sarlls, FNP-CJessica Sarlls, FNP-C
Nurse practitioner

What piqued your interest in working in healthcare?
My mother and brother work in healthcare. I thought a career in nursing would allow me to learn each day from both colleagues and patients. I felt it would help me grow and challenge me to be a better person every day. After working as a nurse, I decided to continue my education to become a nurse practitioner.

What do you like about working at Community Bariatrics Hamilton?
I am excited to be part of weight loss program and to work with Dr. McEwen and our weight loss team. I want to help our patients achieve their goals and support them during their wellness journey. Life is fulfilling when you can experience the transition with patients as they improve their health and quality of life with weight loss and nutritional education. Medical and surgical weight loss is an opportunity to treat each patient individually and work together to promote optimal health.

What do you do for fun outside of work?
If I am not working, I am caring for and spending time with my family and friends. You can find me riding my horses or out on the lake.

Lauren Harrison, RD, dietitianLauren Harrison, MA, RDN
Registered dietitian

Motto: "You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make." - Gordon B. Hinckley

Lauren joined Dr. McEwen's team in June 2015. Lauren has a master of arts in nutrition and dietetics from Ball State University where she also completed her undergraduate degree in nutrition. She has previous experience in nutrition counseling and weight management.

Her main goal is to support her team and her patients through goal setting, leading to attainable lifestyle changes that improve each patient's overall health and quality of life. She truly enjoys getting to know each patient and looks forward to helping each one along their journey to healthy living.

"I would like to say that my favorite part of my job with our weight loss program is being a part of a patient's success story. Knowing that I help them recognize and achieve their potential not only through the numbers on the scale, but also in quality of life, is fulfilling. The most rewarding part is seeing our patients gain SO much confidence in themselves and get their groove back!"

Jessica Hatt, CMA, FOCJessica Hatt, CMA
Certified medical assistant
Front office coordinator

Why did you decide to go into healthcare?
My mother is in healthcare and encouraged me to volunteer as a teenager at Methodist Hospital. I loved the work and enjoyed the way you can make a difference in a patient’s life, whether you work in billing, front office or direct patient care.

What do you do for fun outside of work?
I love to be outside. Bike riding, camping, fishing and boating are some of my favorites. During the summer you can find me with my three kids at the pool or on the lake as often as possible.

What do you like most about working with Dr. Keith McEwen at his surgical weight loss practice?
I love watching as patients start and succeed on their journey to a healthier life. With the Lap Band System, you can watch from start to finish how your and your team's efforts can truly change a patient’s life forever. Working with our weight loss team with Dr. McEwen as our leader is very rewarding. We are able to connect and know our patients prior to surgery and continue the follow up after their band placement. Our patients become our friends.

Cheryl Conwell, practice managerCheryl Conwell
Practice manager

Motto: Live well, love much, laugh often

Why did you decide to go into healthcare?
Healthcare is an exciting, ever-changing, evolution of technology with the bonus of helping others. I have a thirst for knowledge so the health field was a great fit for my personality. I have been involved with many different roles, aspects and areas which has allowed me to experience and build relationships with patients and co-workers. I feel every day is an adventure waiting to unfold.

What do you do for fun outside of work?
When I am not at work, I enjoy quality time with my children and friends. We are very active. I love to be outside regardless if I am running, working or relaxing with a book. I enjoy traveling and believe it or not- I am a foodie. I cannot cook, but I am passionate about food. When I am home, some of my favorite activities include watching sporting events, boating with friends, riding bikes or playing games. I am a morning person, which annoys some people. The most pleasurable thing I do every day is LAUGH!

What do you like most about working with Dr. Keith McEwen at his surgical weight loss practice?
I have worked with Dr. McEwen since 1998. My favorite part of my work is the ability to attempt to inspire others to engage in better health. I love to have the opportunity to meet and be involved with new and interesting people in different walks of life. Being a witness to those who accept and implement the weight loss that we provide is inspirational to me. I am blessed because I love my co-workers. I feel that my patients and my team are part of my family. We work hard, we laugh together and we attempt to inspire and educate!

Kim Holmes, office assistantKim Holmes
Office assistant

Motto: Do not take the road everyone else takes, for it will only get you stuck in traffic.

Why did you decide to go into healthcare? 
I love working with people! To be able to work and help people at the same time made it very easy to choose a position in healthcare.

What do you do for fun outside of work?
Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my three children. Also, I enjoy coaching swimming as well as teaching swim lessons. I love to do anything outdoors, but prefer to be someplace on the water.

What do you like most about working with Dr. Keith McEwen at his surgical weight loss practice?
I have worked for Dr. McEwen now for several years. I love the people I work with and enjoy seeing the success of our patients. Dr. McEwen is very passionate about his work and you can tell it from the response from his patients. I could not have asked for a better place to work.

Alison Erwin, insurance specialist and administrationAlison Erwin
Insurance specialist and administration

Motto: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” -Reinhold Niebuhr

Why did you decide to go into healthcare?
My choice to go into healthcare arose from my desire to help people with my business background and the opportunity to use my strong communication skills obtained from my educational experience.

What do you do for fun outside of work?
I love to garden, spend time with my children and St. Bernard, and am very creative. I love to host and throw children’s birthday parties and themed events to showcase my creativity.

What do you like most about working with Dr. Keith McEwen at his surgical weight loss practice?
The best thing about working with the bariatric patients is the ability to help people through the very difficult processes of complicated health insurance issues in the ever-evolving healthcare industry. The ability to communicate and help patients reach their ultimate goal of better health is a true reward each and every day. The joy patients have when they see the weight coming off and are so very thankful for their steps to reach that goal always brings a smile to my face and makes a day complete.

Barb Ingram, front office adminBarb Ingram
Front office administrator

Motto: "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." (Colossians 3:23)

Why did you decide to go into healthcare?
Healthcare seems to keep finding me. I spent several years in the optometric field, then stepped back to raise my children and help manage a home-based business. After several years, I jumped back into healthcare with positions at a physical therapy clinic and then a hospital setting. I love providing excellent customer service in healthcare—because there is an extra level of care and compassion required, my sensitive nature is drawn to this challenge.

What do you do for fun outside of work?
To relax, I love spending time in my gardens—my new vegetable to try this year is eggplant. My husband and I also enjoy traveling, visiting our children in St. Louis and Orlando, and discovering the many hiking trails in Indiana and beyond.

What do you like most about working with Dr. Keith McEwen at his surgical weight loss practice?
The best things about working for Dr. McEwen are encouraging patients as they pursue better health and celebrating with patients when they meet their goals. This practice is very specialized, and I like that the focus on the patient’s success is the top priority. When they succeed, we succeed, and there is no better reward than that!