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Egg freezing

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Egg freezing has gained a lot of attention of recent years. While many fertility centers now offer egg freezing, the one thing they don’t tell you is this: They have never documented success with the procedure. They have never had babies born from frozen oocytes.

Assisted Fertility ServicesAssisted Fertility Services in Indianapolis, Indiana has been a leader in egg freezing for the past ten years. We had our first successful pregnancy in 1999, and have now had more than 20 babies born from use of frozen oocytes. This is one of the largest groups of successful outcomes in the world. We have published two papers in peer-reviewed literature on our work, and professionals from AFS have given talks and lectures throughout the world on the use of egg freezing in reproductive medicine.

We continue to study and implement new technologies to make egg freezing an even more viable option for those women who would benefit from this technology. Our most recent advance is to use a new technique for egg freezing called vitrification. Vitrification is a way of rapidly freezing eggs that improves survival of the eggs after thawing, thus giving patients a greater number of eggs to work with to achieve pregnancy. Since we began use of vitrification in our program, we have seen our egg survival rate after thawing go from approximately 60% to over 80%, and we have had 9 out of 23 (39% pregnancy rate) patients become pregnant after thawing vitrified oocytes.

Advantages of egg freezing

The advantages of egg freezing are many. Several categories of women may be candidates for and benefit from freezing their eggs for future use, including:

  • Women undergoing assisted reproduction therapies such as in vitro fertilization, but who do not wish to have embryos frozen.
  • Women with medical conditions that threaten fertility.
  • Women concerned about an age-related decline in fertility.
  • Women who want to simplify donor egg procedures.

Learn more about the advantages of egg freezing and if you might be a candidate for egg freezing.

Learn more about egg freezing

Fee information

While the cost associated with egg or ovarian tissue retrieval will vary somewhat from woman to woman, we believe our average costs are very competitive. Fees for ovarian tissue freezing are variable and need to be discussed on an individual basis. We would be happy to discuss costs with you and help you with any insurance inquiries on an individual basis. Please call 317-621-5315 for more information. Additional fee information >>

How is my care managed if I am from out of town?

If you are from outside the Indianapolis area, the stimulation portion of your treatment (prior to the egg retrieval procedure) would be managed by a fertility specialist located in your geographical area. This physician would perform the required ultrasound exams and blood tests. These results would then be communicated to our physicians, who would determine the amount of medicine you would receive and when you would be ready for the egg retrieval procedure.

You need to be in Indianapolis approximately two days before the egg retrieval procedure is performed. We ask that you have a traveling companion with you so that you are not alone after your egg retrieval procedure. You could probably return home the day after your egg retrieval procedure. Thus, your total time in Indianapolis would be approximately four days. Indianapolis is a fun city and there are interesting things to do while waiting to undergo the retrieval procedure.

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