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Addiction and chemical dependency

It seems to start innocently enough, but for many people, the use of alcohol, drugs or other habitual behaviors, such as gambling and overeating, can turn ugly. For these individuals, what was perhaps a once manageable behavior begins to control their lives, fill their thoughts, damage their careers or education and threaten their families. Fortunately, many people can find a brighter, healthier way of life if they take that first step toward finding help. Turning away from active addiction and toward a healthier tomorrow seems, to some, an impossible hurdle. Yet, recovery is possible and the rewards are great.

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For new appointments, call 317-621-5719 or toll-free at 866-621-5719.
For 24-hour crisis services, call 317-621-5700 or toll-free at 800-662-3445.

How do I know if it's a problem?

Addiction knows no social, economic or ethnic boundaries. It can strike adults, adolescents and even children. Learn to recognize the signs of addictive behavior in yourself or someone you care about. If any of the following symptoms sound familiar, it may mean that "use" has turned to "abuse" and it is time to seek professional advice.

  • Spending a lot of time thinking about drinking, using drugs, gambling or engaging in other addictive behaviors
  • Spending time using or planning to use drugs or alcohol or engaging in addictive behavior such as gambling or pornography
  • Using the substance of choice to relieve physical or emotional problems
  • Increasing the usage amount
  • Wondering if you have a problem
  • Using more than you planned: difficulty stopping once started
  • Memory loss
  • Expressions of concern about use from family, friends or co-workers
  • Difficulty stopping or cutting down use
  • Missing work, school or social functions because of use
  • Family making excuses for you
  • Financial difficulties due to use
  • Using drugs or alcohol during pregnancy
  • Violent behavior while using
  • Injury or illness related to use
  • Arrest due to drug or alcohol use

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Alcohol awareness

Kimble Richardson, licensed mental health counselor, discusses alcohol abuse in youth, warning signs of alcohol dependency, binge drinking, functional alcoholism, and treatment resources for alcohol or drug abuse.

For new appointments for addiction and recovery services, call 317-621-5719 or toll-free at 866-621-5719.

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