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Patient outcomes 2009

Patient Outcomes 2009

Below you will find outcome and satisfaction data for Hook Rehab's acute, neurobehavioral unit and outpatient day treatment program.

Acute unit

Acute Care - Patients Discharged Home 2009

Acute Care - Functional Improvemet 2009

Functional Improvement score is based on the patient's ability to perform 18 items including self-care, mobility, communications and cognition. Our data indicates that on admission, patients can usually do half the work required for the task and require only someone to stand by and watch or provide verbal cues at discharge.

Neurobehavioral Unit

Care - Patients Discharged Home 2009

Care - Functional Improvemet 2009

Patients on the Neurobehavioral Unit are evaluated using the Functional Independence Measure (FIM) as described above. On average, at admission, our patients can complete 75% of the work required for the tasks and at discharge are independent, but may need equipment or more time to complete the task.

Outpatient day treatment program

This program evaluates the client's physical ability and thinking skills; adjustment which includes anxiety, depression, social interaction and relationships; and participation in everyday activities at home and in the community. On average the clients started the program with severe problems in all areas and by completion of the program had only mild problems in all areas.

Satisfaction of Persons Served


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Inpatient Acute Unit


Inpatient Neurobehavioral Unit


Outpatient Day Treatment Program


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