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Bioness technology

Bioness technology - NESS L300TM and NESS H200®

After a tragic accident left him paralyzed, a young Indianapolis man is reclaiming his life, overcoming that paralysis step by step with cutting-edge Bioness technology, now available at Hook Rehab Outpatient Clinic. Watch the video below to learn more about Bioness.

Community Health Network among first in the nation to offer breakthrough technology to rehabilitation patients

NESS L300 rehabilitation systemImagine technology so advanced that it can help stroke and other neurological patients regain lost mobility and achieve greater independence than they believed to be possible. This highly sophisticated technology is now available at Hook Rehabilitation Services at Community Health Network. In partnership with Bioness Inc., Community is the first hospital system in Indianapolis and among the first in the country to offer the breakthrough therapy and will serve as a regional evaluation and treatment site for patients.

Central nervous system injuries often result in “foot drop,” which leads to instability and difficulty walking. The NESS L300TM neuron-rehabilitation system is a revolution in Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) technology, designed to help patients experiencing foot drop to regain mobility and help normalize walking and gait. The L300 uses wireless communication to “talk” to its components, eliminating cumbersome wires and allowing the clinician the ability to fine-tune settings while the patient is actually walking. This user-friendly system is appropriate for a broad range of conditions, including stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and incomplete spinal cord injury.

NESS H200 rehabilitation systemIn addition to the L300, the H200® is a prosthesis consisting of a soft polymer fitting that rests over the patient’s hand and forearm. Embedded in the device are five surface electrodes that stimulate muscles in the hand and wrist. A microprocessor allows the user to program the device with a series of exercises customized for each patient. Clinical trials support the effectiveness of the H200 in facilitating return of function for patients in the acute phase of recovery following stroke and brain injury, as well as for selected patients whose injuries are years old.

“This new technology compliments and accelerates traditional therapy,” said Doug Beebe, executive director of Hook Rehabilitation Services. “We are eager to integrate this technology into both our acute rehab program and our outpatient settings. “By adopting this technology as a standard of care, we can maximize rehabilitation by using the device between therapy sessions, and even encourage patients to purchase the equipment to use at home.”

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