man with fever and chills

Sepsis — See it. Stop it. Survive it.

Chances are you’ve heard the word sepsis, but you might not know what it is or what the symptoms are. More than 3,000 Hoosiers die every year because of it, but we can change that with better education around this preventable health complication.

What is Sepsis?

Sepsis is a complication that can develop from an existing infection. If you get an infection and don’t get it treated, there’s a chance you can develop sepsis.

There’s a common myth that sepsis only happens in hospitals. The reality is that 93% of cases in Indiana begin in the home and are only identified as sepsis once the patient seeks medical attention.

Who’s at Risk for Sepsis?

There are certain medical emergencies that we all know. If you think you’re having a heart attack or a stroke, you know that every moment matters. It’s time to add sepsis to that list.

Sepsis is a true medical emergency. The untreated infection causes your body to overreact, causing tissue damage and organ failure. It leads to more deaths each year than cancer.

What Are the Warning Signs for Sepsis?

Even if you’ve heard the word sepsis before, there’s a good chance you don’t know its symptoms. Only 12% of people polled recognized the warning signs. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Fever, shivering or feeling very cold
  • Clammy or sweaty skin
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Confusion or disorientation
  • High heart rate
  • Extreme pain or discomfort

If you think you have sepsis, or if you have an infection that hasn’t been treated, get help immediately. Sepsis is a serious risk to your health and possibly your life, but it can be prevented if you act quickly.

Sepsis Signs and Symptoms

If you think you may have sepsis, find a provider today or call 317-621-2727.