Strong woman with cancer

Life After Cancer

As a cancer survivor, it can be difficult to find the new normal after completing the active phases of your treatment. That’s why Community Health Network provides a rich and empowering Cancer Survivorship Program to help survivors get back to a cancer-free life.


Knowledge is a powerful tool for cancer survivors. Understanding exactly what’s going on and what’s to come can make it easier to transition away from active treatment. We provide a wide variety of education programs for survivors to help them do just that.

Some of the education services we provide are nutrition programs to help deal with diet issues and lingering nausea, financial education to better understand insurance and costs, and many more. Post-treatment life doesn’t have to be confusing, especially with Community helping you get the information you need.


Cancer treatment can take a lot out of you, mentally and physically. Things that used to be easy, like short walks or even moving around the grocery store, can become difficult. Survivors who practice regular exercise can get their daily strength and stamina back.

Exercise not only helps physically, but mentally as well. Our chair exercise, tai chi, and yoga courses give survivors confidence and can help with pain and sleeping issues. Many of our courses also encourage caregivers or family members to join in.


If survivors are experiencing more specific problems, we offer a wide range of therapies, as well. Many late or long-term physical side effects of cancer or cancer-related surgery can be improved with therapy.

For instance, survivors of head and neck cancer can experience swallowing problems. This side effect is due to radiation fibrosis stiffening the throat and mouth muscles. Speech therapy with a Community speech language pathologist can help survivors deal with those problems, and maintain a high quality of life.

These are only some of the comprehensive programs we offer for cancer survivors. Learn more about our Cancer Survivorship Program and explore our specific program offerings.