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Community Connections - Free and Reduced-Cost Services

You know that you can rely on Community Health Network for “Exceptional care. Simply delivered.” But we’re just part of a vast community full of organizations who are dedicated to helping people like you.

Community Connections is our program to help you find free and reduced-cost services in your area. It's a free search tool to connect you with social services offered by verified social care organizations and non-profits near you.

Just type in your ZIP code to see options for affordable medical care, food, job training and more.

Here are some of the services you’ll find through Community Connections.


No family should have to go hungry. Community Connections can help you find affordable, nutritious food, including fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll be directed to local food pantries and the Community Garden, find help paying for meals and connect to nutrition education.


Whether you’re looking for a place for the night or a place to call home, Community Connections can help. We’ll find you temporary shelter or permanent housing, and assistance for affording it. If you own or rent, there’s even support for maintenance, repairs and paying your utilities.


Everyday goods shouldn’t feel like a burden. If you need help paying for clothes, medical supplies or necessities for your baby, lean on Community Connections. You’ll find options for your everyday needs, and even toys and gifts for holidays and birthdays.


No matter where you’re going, Community Connections can help you get there with transit support. We can help you arrange transportation to and from medical appointments and school with bus passes and gift cards for gas.


Your entire health matters. Here you’ll find support for your physical health, like your vision, sexual and reproductive health, and more. Preventive care can help you stay in good shape, and treatment is close to home when you need it. And when you need support for your mental health, we’ll connect you to someone who can help.


When money’s tight, anything helps. Community Connections can help you find government benefits and loans you might be eligible for. We can also help you find financial education to better understand your finances, and connect you with experts who can help at tax time.


If you need care for other members of your family, this is where to turn. The tool will show you daycare options for your children, or adoption/foster care planning if you’re thinking of expanding your family. For older family members, you can get support for assisted living or end-of-life care.


It’s never a bad time to expand your skills. If you’re thinking about going back to school, local organizations can help you enroll and prepare for classes.


If you’re gearing up for a job hunt, there are plenty of resources available to help. You’ll get job placement support, learn how to improve your resume and get interview practice. Once you land your new job, Community Connections can help you afford clothes for the position and understand your rights as a worker.


It shouldn’t be hard to understand your rights. We’ll put you in touch with organizations who can help you understand government programs, help you with immigration and citizenship, and provide translation and interpretation services. If you’ve faced discrimination or other challenges in the workplace, you’ll find help here, too.

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