Community CareMobile - Howard Regional Health

Community CareMobile — Taking Health on the Road for Howard County

Building a hospital is a pledge to the community. When we built Community Howard Regional Health, it was a promise to serve Howard County and be there where we’re needed.

Over the years we found that the best way to do that was to take care on the road. The Community CareMobile outreach service brings care and assistance to the places they’re needed most, so we can serve our community exactly where they need us.

Exceptional Care, Wherever Life Takes You

We believe that wherever the community gathers, care should be right there. The CareMobile lets us put timely, relevant health services out into the public so we can meet changing needs throughout the year.

During the hot summer months, the Community CareMobile can be found at local fairs and festivals as a cool, comfortable place for breastfeeding moms to care for their infants. When flu season rolls around, it’s a quick and convenient place to get a free flu shot close to home. Every year we’re able to offer screenings, educational events and more to tens of thousands neighbors outside our hospital walls.

We’ve also made a commitment to serve some of the youngest members of our community right where they learn and play. Whether they’re in the classroom or on the football field, students should always know that there’s someone looking out for their health.

Community Howard staff work with area schools to provide students with important information on hygiene and safety. Our athletic trainers are on the field for after-school sports practices and games, and perform free physicals each year. More than 1,000 student athletes got cleared to play in 2019 alone.

And for members of our community who have a difficult time leaving home, Howard sends caregivers right to their doorstep. Our paramedics offer free home visits for patients with chronic conditions who have recently been discharged from the hospital. Often, repeat visits to the hospital are a signal of obstacles at home that we can overcome together.

Education right in the home can help people make changes that will prevent further trips to the ER, and ultimately lead to better self-care. We can connect them to services in the community that can help meet needs like hunger or lack of stable housing, so they can lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Community’s CareMobile is a hyperlocal approach to healthcare. It’s a promise that we don’t stop caring once you’re discharged — we stand by you no matter where life takes you in Howard County.