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5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Holidays Merry

Everyone knows the feeling of the holiday rush — so much to do, and so little time. Here are some simple tips to beat burnout and reduce stress for a less hectic holiday.

1. Stay Organized

We all scramble during the holidays, especially when we’re juggling more than we can handle. One way to reduce stress is to bring order to the chaos of the season.

For example, give yourself a head start on cooking your holiday meal. In advance, review the recipe and make sure you have all the ingredients on hand. Set them out and do as much prep work as you can. Smooth sailing in the kitchen means less stress on the day of the big meal!

2. Stay Healthy-Ish

The holiday season might feel like a two-month “cheat weekend,” but practicing mindfulness around your eating habits can really help your diet.

Before you put something on your plate, ask yourself: do I really want to eat this, or am I just eating it because it’s there? Being mindful can cut a considerable amount of calories from your holidays. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy a slice of pie — there’s always leftovers!

3. Stay Active

While we’re all hoping for a temperate winter, cold-weather workouts aren’t as painful as they sound! Going for a jog or a walk around the neighborhood is a great way to get some sunlight during the day — and you’ll be surprised how quickly your body warms up once your heart gets pumping.

Layer up and change out of wet clothing, and you’re all set to get moving this winter. Here are some tips for staying active indoors, too!

4. Stay Positive Through Gratitude 

This holiday isn’t going to look like anyone hoped for. You might not be in the city where you usually spend the season, and there are faces you wanted to see around the table. But by shifting your focus to appreciate the little things, it can help you find the silver lining in this very strange holiday season.

Did you participate in a tradition that you’ve always liked? Maybe you got to eat a special dish that you look forward to every year, or you found time for a nap bundled up in a cozy blanket. Those micro moments can be the key to a happy holiday.

5. Stay True To Yourself

Set your own pace this season. It can be intimidating seeing perfectly decorated homes in magazines or professionally prepared meals on social media, but the best way for you to do the holidays is to do it your way — and nobody else’s.

Your loved ones would much rather see you calm and happy than stressed out by a day of frantic decorating. And if cooking just isn’t your thing, there are plenty of restaurants open for delivery and takeout. Keep things simple, and spend the season doing things you actually enjoy.


Looking for more ways to remain relaxed this holiday season? Try calming down with a warm beverage.