Internist are great PCPs for adults.

Should I Choose an Internist as My PCP?

You want to find the primary care provider that’s right for you because you know it’s an important step towards maintaining your health. Tools such as Find a Doctor and MyChart can help you narrow the field; however, there are many highly qualified doctors to choose from in categories such as family medicine, pediatric medicine and internal medicine.

How do you know which type of doctor to choose?

Internists Specialize in Primary Care for Adults

Internists—physicians specially trained in internal medicine—focus on caring for adults 18 years or older. They can help you with preventive care, long-term care or complex diseases.

“As an internist, I try to understand the underlying processes that are causing your symptoms,” says Daniel Saha, MD. “It’s not enough for me to treat the what. I think it’s important to try to understand why and how. It’s equally important to me that YOU understand why you are doing something because then you are more likely to be successful at promoting and maintaining your health.” This type of exceptional care is what Community Internists bring to you. When you're surrounded by Community, you're never alone. 

Other internists who work in hospitals specialize in cardiology, oncology, nephrology or pulmonology.

When to Choose an Internist

Sometimes, people with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes choose an internist as a primary care provider because he or she can easily coordinate with other doctors if more complex care is needed. But, people who are healthy also choose internists because they want a physician who can help them as their health needs change.

Here are some reasons you might choose an internist as your primary care doctor:

  • You want a doctor that can address everything from preventive care to serious illness, but are not looking for delivery or newborn care.
  • You’re an adult seeking the routine physicals, screenings and tests required to help you stay healthy.
  • You’re an adult who is currently managing a chronic disease.

It's a good idea to establish a relationship with a primary care provider because he or she will help to coordinate your care. Even if you do not have a current medical need, it's important to have someone to help facilitate prevention, diagnosis and treatment, managing chronic illness, medication management and referrals. In addition to your doctor, Community provides you with a primary care team including nurse practitioners and other providers who deliver exceptional care. 

Your Health at Your Fingertips 

Community's MyChart is your personal, secure online health record. You can use MyChart to email questions to your primary care provider, refill prescriptions, schedule appointments, pay medical bills, and access your family's health information. 

If you’re looking for a new primary care provider call 800-777-7775 or use our Find A Doctor tool. With Community's network of more than 200 primary care doctors in 80+ locations, you can count on convenient access to top physicians, ready to partner with you. If you have an urgent need for care, Community's urgent and emergency care services are also available.