Mom and adult daughter in urgent care

Save A Spot — Convenient Care on Your Schedule

“Exceptional care. Simply delivered.” is a promise we make for every location in our network. But it’s not just hospitals and doctor’s offices where you can expect to find convenient services to help you feel better — MedCheck locations across Central Indiana offer a unique Save a Spot feature for convenient care, right in your neighborhood.

Your Care, in Your Hands

We all have those days — meetings ran late, the kids need a ride to practice and delivery sounds like the only reasonable option for dinner. When you’re feeling unwell on top of a busy day, getting better should feel simple.

Using Save a Spot can be a big relief when you need quick access to care that doesn’t interrupt your schedule. Our MedCheck page is mobile-friendly, so you can check wait times and save a spot in line on your phone, on the go. Whether it’s during your lunch break or on your way home from work, your place in line is waiting.

Your Care, in Your Neighborhood

Let’s say you’d like to get a sprain checked out. You’re running errands near home in Speedway, but wait times seem long at your local MedCheck. You’re supposed to meet a friend for lunch in Carmel later in the day — and there are plenty of open times at that location. Simply Save a Spot and get on with your day as planned.

Community’s MedChecks are available on every side of town, so you can get care no matter where your day takes you. Save a Spot makes tending to your health as easy as any other task on your daily to-do list.

Your Care, without Compromises

If your busy schedule or urgent needs don’t allow time to visit a doctor’s office, you should still be able to get the level of care you deserve. MedCheck offers a wide range of services from licensed Community providers, so you can expect the same exceptional care as any other Community location.

Whether you think you’re coming down with a cold, you need a screening or your kids are due for a sports physical, you can lean on your local MedCheck. Save a Spot at a location near you and reclaim your day.