Pregnant woman taking pills

Providing a CHOICE for Pregnant Mothers with Substance Use Disorders

Change, Hope, Overcome, Inspire, Compassion and Educate.

These are the words used to define our CHOICE program - a program that helps mothers and babies overcome substance use disorders. Each year an estimated 15% of infants are affected by prenatal substance abuse, according to the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare. 

"The CHOICE program is a treatment program for pregnant women who struggle with substance use disorders," says Brooke Schaefer, director and lead nurse practitioner for CHOICE. "We can help any pregnant woman, at any point in pregnancy. We offer detox and long term assistance to help patients become successful at recovery and parenting."

As we are in the midst of the opioid epidemic, it's important to have difficult conversations with your loved ones. CHOICE is a safe program for women who are seeking help. We treat each mother with compassion, discretion and empathy to guide them through the recovery process.

CHOICE Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Substance use disorders are an ongoing issue that we can work together to treat, and do so without passing judgment. Each patient is provided a treatment plan unique to their goals. Inpatient rehab is not required, but CHOICE works closely with local rehab facilities if they would like to explore this option

Therapy is an important part of treatment for substance use disorder. CHOICE provides group therapy to patients that are pregnant or have recently delivered. There is also a team of social workers that connect pregnant women with community resources for further assistance. They are your advocates and can also assist you through the newborn time period.

The CHOICE program is made up of several different caregivers. There are OB providers to make sure that patients have the best possible pregnancy. There are medication prescribers to provide medications that will help patients with recovery. CHOICE has delivery and detox nursing teams to ensure patients have a positive experience in the hospital. And, there are support staff members who make sure patients have as few barriers as possible through their journey to recovery.

Real Stories of Recovery

Real patients with real stories. You can learn more about the CHOICE Program and watch a video with true patient recovery stories.

"Without Community Health Network, I probably would be dead," says Kim, CHOICE program mother. "At the very least, I would have moved on to heroin. I wouldn't have custody of my children. I really don't think I'd be here. Now, because of the support I received, I own my home, I hold down a job, I have my kids and I'm 23 months clean."

The CHOICE program is currently available at Community Hospital East, Community Anderson and Community Howard (Kokomo). If you or a loved one is struggling to find help, please call us at:

  • East: 317-355-3090
  • Anderson: 765-298-4282
  • Kokomo: 765-776-5600

If help is needed after hours, visit or call any Community Emergency Department. Tell them you would like to become a part of the CHOICE program and they will assist you 24/7.