Cardiovascular physician collaborating

Physician Collaboration Meets Convenient Access at Community

Cardiovascular care is a complex field, but it shouldn’t be complex to navigate for patients. From screenings to heart surgery, Community Health Network’s cardiovascular services offer exceptional care, simply delivered.

A Deep Bench

Your heart is one of the single most important organs in your body. That’s why cardiovascular care goes beyond than the expertise of a single caregiver. Community Health Network facilitates collaboration between a team of cardiovascular specialists to work toward the best outcomes for the patient.

Your physician will seek the advice of other experts who may be able to analyze your situation through different lenses, all dedicated to the patient’s health. This is an inherent process for cardiovascular patients — without scheduling multiple appointments with different caregivers, they get the expertise of an entire team of specialists.

"On a routine basis, we’re consulting with each other and may have three or four different cardiovascular specialists taking care of one patient. I know that if I talk to other physicians about specific cases I’ll be able to give the patient the best care possible."

Ease of Use

As complex as the cardiovascular field is, the services available to you are surprisingly easy to navigate. Online you’ll have access to everything you need through the course of your care: you can schedule a variety of heart and vascular screenings, view your test results through MyChart and pay your bill.

"When I found out surgery was necessary, things just started coming at me left and right.
Fortunately, Community Health Network offers so much help and so many tools to simplify the process as much as possible."

Know Your Numbers. Own Your Numbers.

Even when you’re young, your lifestyle can affect your heart health. What you eat, how much you drink, your sleep habits — all of these factors and more can contribute to your heart health at any stage of life. That’s why it’s vital to get a screening and know your numbers.

Knowing your numbers isn’t about getting rid of enjoyment in your life. The knowledge gives you the clarity to make small, empowered choices so you can continue living the life you want. For example, if you have a family history of heart disease you may be able to make simple dietary changes well in advance of any health complications.

Take the first step toward cardiovascular health. Schedule a heart scan or another screening.