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Infertility Doesn’t Make You Less

Take it from Dr. David E. Carnovale, medical director of reproductive endocrinology—“you’re never alone on your journey with infertility.” Here are some affirmations to keep in mind as you continue your path toward parenthood.

You are not “less than”

A slew of emotions come with a diagnosis of infertility: guilt and shame among others. No matter what you may be feeling, you are never “less than” because of your condition. You’re not less of a person if you’re infertile. Nor are you less qualified to be a parent, or less worthy of love and respect.

You might feel alone with your diagnosis, but infertility is incredibly common. Over 7.3 million Americans face the condition, meaning one out of every eight couples has trouble conceiving. Your support group may even include friends who have faced infertility before!

You are valid

Being diagnosed with infertility may feel like a definite end to your dreams of starting a family — but that isn’t the case at all. Infertility is not a dead end, it is the first page of a new road map. It is a step along your unique path toward parenthood.

As you learn more about the causes for your difficulties conceiving, you will be presented with more possible solutions and options that may help you progress toward having a child. “Fortunately, couples with infertility have great treatment options available today,” says Dr. Carnovale. “And, advances are being made all the time.” Every path to parenthood is valid, and yours is no different!

You are not out of options

Infertility is not a hopeless diagnosis. As you continue your journey toward starting a family, you may face speed bumps along the way. Certain medications or procedures may not be the solution. But infertility is not a hopeless diagnosis — there are countless different approaches that can be discussed with your doctor. Just remember:

  • Just because you’re experiencing infertility doesn’t mean you can’t have a family.
  • Just because fertility drugs aren’t working doesn’t mean they never will.
  • Just because you’ve faced a setback doesn’t mean you’re out of options.
  • Just because IVF didn’t work doesn’t mean you can’t adopt.

“How infertility is conquered can look very different depending upon the individuals who are facing the challenge and their comfort level with the different options,” advises Dr. Carnovale. “Community Fertility Specialty Care has maintained some of the highest success rates for IVF in the state and nation due our personalized approach to care. We feel that we are big enough to have all of the resources, personnel, equipment and other infrastructure to provide the best possible care, while not being too big to know who our patients are.”

There are many different ways to begin your family, and at Community we’re grateful to be part of your journey. This year we’re celebrating the anniversary of Community Fertility Specialty Care, where we have helped women like you across Central Indiana take the next step toward motherhood. Learn more about how we can be a helping hand.