Thanksgiving dinner turkey

How to Make Healthy Choices at Thanksgiving Dinner

The holidays are full of unhealthy eating situations. While one meal is not going to ruin the healthy habits that you’ve worked on all year, there are steps you can take to mitigate the damage from that cranberry sauce.

  1. Avoid appetizers: Appetizers are usually laden with calories, and don’t really fill you up. One may be sufficient, just to try it.
  2. Portion size: Try only putting a spoonful of a dish on your plate, so you can taste everything and not overeat any particular food. A little gravy goes a long way. This also helps cut down on waste.
  3. Remove the skin: The skin, while quite tasty, is usually harboring loads of added fat and calories. 
  4. Healthy breakfast and lunch: Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch the day of the big meal. Fasting all day will cause you to overeat at dinner. A nutritious and filling lunch will curb that.
  5. Pick healthier sides: The side dishes are really what get you at Thanksgiving dinner. Try opting for steamed vegetables, versus buttery sides.
  6. Drink plenty of water: This helps your metabolism, and also helps you feel full.
  7. Talk: You’re sitting down with family and friends you haven’t seen in ages! Take your time and talk. This not only allows you to catch up on the latest news, but also gives your body time to digest.
  8. Small dessert: Taking only a few bites of dessert can satisfy your sweet craving, without adding hundreds of extra calories.

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