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How to Make the Best Choice for a Primary Care Provider

Ready to find your partner in health? A primary care doctor will work with you to maintain your health and prevent most health issues from becoming more serious. But, how do you know you're making the best choice?

What to ask when choosing a primary care doctor:

  • Is the office location(s) convenient from home or work?
  • Does the provider's office take your insurance?
  • How quickly can you get appointments, even outside of regular office hours? Does the office offer walk-in or extended hours, or a 24-hour call service when they’re not open?
  • Can you get additional services done at the same location or nearby, such as lab work, pick up prescriptions, etc.
  • Does the provider have any special training you feel is important for your health conditions?
  • Do you and the provider agree on care philosophy and general approach to treatment?
  • Do you trust the provider and feel comfortable sharing personal information with him or her?
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"Meet" a doctor before your visit

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