mom holding baby

Care for Yourself While Caring for Baby

You put the needs of your baby first. It’s something that comes naturally. So, it can be hard to take a moment for yourself and address your needs. Diapers, feedings, lack of sleep and stolen moments for meals and showers can take their toll. Take some time to focus on your needs. In the end, it benefits you and baby.

As a new mom, you might feel pressure to bounce back. Beware of quick tips to “get your body back” or “lose the baby weight.” Instead, care for your body and mind with proven health tips.

1) No heavy exercise for a month after giving birth. Give your body time to recover before you put any further stress on it.

2) Never skip meals. You will be busy and sleep deprived, but your nutrition is still important. Don’t forget to fuel yourself.

3) Get your fruits and veg. Eat at least 4 1/2 cups each day. The vitamins and minerals will keep you energized when you’re deprived of sleep.

4) Snack on protein. Keep healthy, protein-packed snacks in the house. Eating protein throughout the day will keep you feeling full and energetic.

5) Drink plenty of water. Six to eight glasses of water per day is the recommendation, but you need even more if you’re breastfeeding. Hydration is vital to keeping your body and mind in top shape.


For more suggestions on how to lose weight you may have gained during pregnancy, contact your primary care physician.