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Beyond Care — Community's Pricing Support Center

Community Health Network puts patients first. That’s why our Pricing Support Center is staffed by Community employees — real people — that work to understand your needs as a patient. By providing you with knowledge about the costs of your care, you can feel in control of your health, both physically and financially.

Learn Your Cost

When you receive care, most health networks provide you pricing details about your care. If you’re undergoing a medical procedure, those numbers can be daunting and in most cases aren’t relevant to the bills you’ll eventually receive.

What’s most helpful is know the cost you’ll pay out of pocket, even before you commit to care. Community’s Pricing Support Center helps you understand the actual costs you’ll need to budget for, so you can stop sweating the “what ifs” and plan for the real price of care.

Get Support on All Fronts

Our Pricing Support Center doesn’t just give you numbers. We give you the knowledge to make bills the least stressful part about dealing with an illness. When you need a shoulder to lean on emotionally or someone to walk you through the logistics of billing, we stand by you on your path to wellness.

Whether you’re able to pay your bills out of pocket or need financial assistance, our Pricing Support Center can help make the process easy. With peace of mind around your bills, you can focus on what truly matters: recovery.

Learn more about our Pricing Support Center or get your own price estimate today.