Meal Prepping Tips

4 Ways to Make Meal-Prepping Easier

By planning and pre-cooking portions of your meals for the week ahead of time, you'll eat healthier and avoid overindulging. Try these tips to make meal prepping easy and efficient!

Make a List

Select the meals that you would like to make for the week, create a list of ingredients you'll need, and buy them all in one shopping trip.

Shop then Chop

As soon as you get home from the grocery store, wash, chop, and store any fruits, veggies, or meats you plan on using within the next few days.

Buy in Bulk

Purchase non-perishable items that you know you’ll use often in bulk, such as grains and freezer-friendly foods.

Store and Save

Find some easy-to-stack and easy-to-see-through containers. These will help you stay organized and avoid wasting food.

Have Tips? 

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