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What Parents Should Know About Vaccines

Recently, many celebrities have publicized their choice not to vaccinate their children for fear that the immunizations may cause disorders like autism. These statements have only added to conflicting information that parents must sort through when determining whether or not to vaccinate their children.

With all of the messages and conflicting attitudes Community experts encourage their patients to consult their doctors.

Dr. Diana Burtea, family physician"I always encourage my patients to discuss each vaccination with their family physician or pediatrician so they can make an informed decision for their child on vaccination," said Dr. Diana Burtea who practices family medicine at Community Physician Network.

Burtea also encourages patients who are worried about the amount of vaccinations their child may receive at one time to consider other options.

"There are alternatives available, such as vaccination schedules (that allow child to receive vaccinations over the course of multiple appointments) and/or choosing to vaccinate for some of the more concerning diseases such as polio and measles."

Burtea encourages parents to follow the guidelines that the Centers for Disease Control has put forth and ask as many questions as they can before saying no to immunization.

Simply put, vaccinations are the most effective and safest way for parents to protect children from becoming seriously ill.

For more information about vaccinations and commonly asked questions, contact your doctor.